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by Kim Moore,

Christmas . . . It’s the season many set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The birth of something can be exciting and in some cases sobering. Birth not only indicates the beginning of something, but also signifies the ending of something. The birth of a child is the welcoming of a new life and the retiring of pregnancy. The birth of a marriage is also the end of singleness. In all cases, birth represents change; change in the way people think and behave. Then there are implications that accompany change – whether good or bad. But all change works together for good to those that love God and have been called according to His purpose.

The Connecticut tragedy grabbed all of our attention this past week. Many were brought to a grinding halt. We were both horrified and numbed by a 20-year old killing his mother then proceeding to the elementary school where she worked and killing 6 more adults and 20 children. In the aftermath, we grapple to make sense of what would possess a young man to take so many innocent lives and deprive countless others of loved ones. That this tragedy happened so close to Christmas, the time of celebration of birth of the Savior of the world, is a dart to the heart of nearly everything for which Christ stands. I say nearly, because the death of these innocent lives was not in vain. A few things already have happened in the wake of the death of 12 girls, 8 boys and 6 women. It is likely that these deaths tugged on some hearts to seek and inquire of God for the first time. The deaths may prompt some to reconsider their faith. And still for others, it was a rude reprimand that we must be about the Father’s business.

One pastor suggests the Connecticut tragedy was another wake-up call for the church. First that the Church would wake up to its responsibility to pray. Walnut Hill Community Church opened its doors to over 500 people to pray that God would use this evil as a turning point for the churches in New England, and for the families involved in the tragedy.

1 In light of the Connecticut tragedy, the efficacy of the 1962 decision to remove prayer from public schools is again on the table for discussion. Clearly, our country needs God. Morality is a heart issue that cannot be regulated by government. Only God working on, in and through the hearts of men, women and children can bring about morality and the ensuing regard for human life that would prevent such senseless killings. Sandy Hook was a reminder of our responsibility to love and what kinds of things happen when we don’t.

And then there is you and me. Certainly, we grieve the loss of innocent life. But, Sandy Hook is an opportunity to do more than grieve. In each of us can be the birth of a deeper more meaningful dialogue with God about who you are, why you are here and who you are here to help. Sandy Hook is an opportunity to recognize that each of us has a purpose that includes favorably impacting each other’s lives. And whether these lives include boys or girls, men or women, matters not. What matters this Christmas is that Christ was born to save you and me, deliver us from this present evil and return us that through us He might save and deliver others.

This Christmas whether or not you are celebrating the beginning of something wonderful, or letting go of something desirable (or undesirable), do all with an eye toward the One that is causing it to work together for your good! Celebrate the gift of life! Use the deaths of the Connecticut tragedy to spawn life in you. Don’t just talk about the tragedy, do something to help prevent such tragedies. Ask God what He would have you to do then get busy doing it!

Kim Moore believes every woman (young and old) deserves to know and be confident in the reality that she is loved.  You can reach Kim via her website, Kim Moore and Friends

1 http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/34955-could-connecticut-school-shooting-wake-up-the-church-in-new-england



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