Do You Really Know Your Way Around?

BY: - 9 Jan '13 | Reviews

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It’s confession time. We’ve been living in a new city for two years and I’m just really learning my way around, kinda. I can get to the main places that I go to around the city. These includes landmarks, sporting venues, shopping centers and movie theaters. But when someone wants me to come somewhere else, um, see, that’s where it gets dicey.

Last year I had an event to attend at Goggle’s Atlanta office. I left home with ample time and since the office was on one of the city’s main streets I had it covered. Well, I thought I had it covered but ended up with a colossal FAIL. I was late, got drenched in the rain after I parked in the wrong garage and crossed the street heading to the wrong building. Then when I figured out it was the wrong building, I discovered that I had lost my parking ticket so had to pay full price even though I was in the garage all of five minutes. The worst part of it all may have been finally getting into the office where I was supposed to speak prior to it beginning and telling that lame excuse LOL. As I rehashed the story, I kept thinking that they were thinking, that I was lying. The story had so many twists and turns it just sounded like a lie even though it was true.

Well those days are over. If I’m not sure where the building is I’m using the GPS. Now we all know that all GPS systems are not created equally, so I have my favorites. And luckily now  I think I’ve found a favorite amongst my favorites.

I was recently asked to try Verizon’s VZ Navigation app. The GPS worked great with nice graphics that allow you to easily find your way to your destination. The map display was also great for seeing upcoming turns before you approach them, which is a problem I have with some navigation systems. The navigation also features school zone and speeding alerts, natural language voice guidance, alternate route selector, and reliable real-time traffic.

Besides the navigation, I really loved all of the additional features that were included. Check them out below:

Movie Buff:

Ronnie and I love going to the movies. What I hate doing is looking up movie times though. With VZ Navigator, current releases are listed on one of the start screen pages. You can then click on a movie to get a description, showtimes and ultimately GPS directions to the theater. Slam dunk!

 Gas Prices:

This might seem like something simple but it was soooo big to me. I loved that another feature of the start screen was a listing of current gas prices based on your location. I normally frequent two or three different gas stations, so having the lowest prices in my palm would definitely pay dividends.

Good Eats:

I found at least three new places to eat that are within two miles of my house using the “Find a Place” feature. Through the app you have easy access to locate restaurants, bars, gas stations, airports, lodging, shopping, emergency services and more based on your location. When I listed all restaurants I found a few new choices for lunch today. Of course each listing appears with a green “Go” button that gives you quick navigation directions.

If you don’t believe me, now is a great time to try the VZ Navigator out for yourself. Currently the app is available for both iPhone and Android devices plus it’s free for the first 30 days when you sign up.

Disclaimer: I was provided compensation for time spent reviewing this product and writing this review. All thoughts are my own and were not influenced.


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