Father Regains Custody of Child Allegedly Adopted Without His Knowledge

BY: - 28 Jan '13 | Headline

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Early December BMWK did some coverage on the story of a drill sergeant’s wife giving their baby up for adoption following her premature delivery. The father, Terry Achane, who was stationed in another state for work, was said to have abandoned his wife and daughter according to the adoptive family.

Almost two years later, the child Teleah is approximately 22 months old. She is also now in the care and custody of her father after the Utah Supreme Court overturned the adoptive parents request to stay the previous order made that she be given to her father.

According to a quote referenced in an article on ABC news, “This is the first known case where the Utah State Supreme Court has removed a child from an [adoptive parent’s] home and returned the child to the … legal father.”

As cited in the article it is alleged that Sergeant Achane did not know that his wife was still pregnant and was not aware of the adoption until several weeks after Teleah’s birth. The adoptive family stated that they “tracked down” the father “several months” after adopting the baby and were surprised by his refusal to contest to the adoption.

It is Sergeant Achanes belief that with regards to the return of his daughter to his care, “It’s about time.”
For more on the story visit ABC.

BMWK — Do you agree with the Court’s decision to return the child to her father almost two years after her birth?


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  • eve

    I’m confused by the question, frankly. No one should have their child taken from them. The mom should be criminally charged for getting rid of a man’s daughter without his consent, and the “adoptive parents” should be ostrasized for putting up a fight. They wanted to maintain custody of a man’s child even though he never gave permission for the adoption? Are they SERIOUS???

  • Vikki

    Very difficut to answer when the details are not known. We know what the papers have printed but there are always two sides to every story and in the middle, the truth. A terrible situation for the child due to adults behaving badly. Very sad….

  • Veronica Square

    VERY messy situation. I feel the MOST sympathy for the adoptive parents…that’s why u HAVE to make sure that the baby’s father is contacted even though abandonment was implied. And as far as the father, he would have known if the mother was still pregnant if he did indeed keep in touch with her…unless due to a bad breakup she didn’t want to be found. Sad story…ESPECIALLY for the child that has bonded with a family and has now been taken away from them.

    • Tonya C.


      If you read the background information from all the stories, the birth mother (his wife) and her family hid the fact she had gone into premature labor until the baby had been sent with the adoptive parents to Utah. Utah is known for this mess. The father was STATIONED in a new state due to military obligations, and had planned on taking his wife and stepchild along until she insisted on staying put until after the baby was born.

      The adoptive parents knew this woman was married, and took that child anyway. They weren’t naive to the process, they were co-conspirators in it.

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