My Kind of Man

BY: - 11 Jan '13 | Faith

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Tall, dark, and handsome. . .where did that come from?  Not all women desire that kind of man. We do have preferences when it comes to physical features. However, what I have learned is that when God chooses your spouse for you, he can make you fall in love with a person you never imagined you’d desire. The kind of man that makes your heart flutter or makes you want to look and act all feminine has less to do with appearance and more to do with character.

My kind of man isn’t on television, isn’t in the movies, isn’t in a rap song or on the cover of a magazine. By the grace of God, he’s in my house, just a few seconds from receiving a soothing touch, an encouraging word, or anything else I feel led to give him. And, I don’t mind at all because my kind of man would do the same for me.

So, what kind of man am I talking about if I am not referring to physical features? Check this out:

1. My kind of man is a man who can get a prayer through to God on my behalf.

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He may be fine; may have money; he may even be a hard worker. But when we both grow old, when money runs low, when the job is no more, will he pray? Will God be used to hearing his voice? Will my man stand in the gap for me? Will he know and believe in the power of his own words, once they've reached heaven? My kind of man is a man of deep prayer.

BMWK, what are characteristics that describe your kind of man or woman?

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14 WordPress comments on “My Kind of Man

  1. Superwife

    Only the young, the silly, and the foolish cling to media-induced stereotypes about what constitutes the right kind of man or woman. Funny, our grandparents, great grandparents and some of our parents appeared to value character and integrity over superficial traits and they usually married (happily) for life. We focus on artificial qualities and then wonder why we struggle to understand and fulfill the purpose of marriage. My husband is what God knew I had prayed and waited for and my job is to be the woman that God provided to him to be his help-meet. Any other mindset is unfruitful.

  2. stephanieb

    Great article. I am currently single but am working on myself so that when Mr. Right does come we will both be all that we could ever want or need in each other, although it’s definitely not an easy task.

  3. MM

    Thank you so much for this article. It is confirmation to what was in my heart on last night and yesterday. I am in total shock because you said some of the same exact things God was telling me. For a moment I got stuck on how he looks, but his heart; pure, true, honest, love God to the utmost. I decided, who cares about the outside, that can be fixed, but a heart like that, can only be given by God. David did wrong things, but his heart…

    It’s not about looks, it’s the heart of him that’s important, his love for God, as God loves each of us.

    Thank you so much for this article, it really blessed my heart. As I said, it’s confirmation. Blessed the Lord, Glory to God.

  4. Cece

    Thank you! I love this article. Glad to hear such encouraging words. I’m blessed to say I found “my kind of man” and I thank God for him. My husband is much more than I could imagine and life with him is so much more exciting.

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