Newlywed and Engaged Couples: 5 Ways to Set a Firm Foundation

BY: - 29 Jan '13 | Relationships

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By Keisha D. Hines

Congrats! You’re married! Can you believe it? At this point you’ve moved all your belongings into his/her apartment or home and you’re settling in. You’re learning how to think for two and make selfless decisions (no more sporadic getaways…alone at least). You’re excited about marriage and wondering how you can maintain this bliss for a lifetime. It is possible! Here are 5 ways every newlywed, engaged (or married) couple can create and maintain a strong foundation.

Confess your love, appreciation, and adoration for your spouse often.

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Communication in your marriage is key! It’s very important for spouses to take the time to verbally express their love for one another. Assuming that your partner knows how you feel about them is dangerous; it opens the door for someone else to adorn your spouse. When encouragement and praise is given freely, the marriage bond is strengthened immensely. Encouragement and positive communication relieve stress. Think about the person you love the most, it’s probably someone who uplifts you on a consistent basis. Validation is a human need, don’t deprive your spouse of it. Let your spouse know how wonderful they are to you often and watch your marriage flourish! (Photo Credit: Photography By Joelle via Flickr)

BMWK — What have you done to help set a firm foundation in your relationship?

Keisha Hines is a Christian counselor, wife, and new mother who is passionate about healthy relationships. Keisha specializes in family advocacy and conflict management. Connect with her on Twitter @HinesKeisha. 

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6 WordPress comments on “Newlywed and Engaged Couples: 5 Ways to Set a Firm Foundation

  1. Simone B

    This is my first time visiting this site, and I love this article. I was recently married in September and I just forwarded this article to my husband. Thank you and I know I’ll be visiting this site often!

  2. D'Andrea

    I am a single, Christian, young woman, but I love reading the articles on this site. This article, as well as many others, show the real side of marriage, instead of the fairy tale that the world portrays. I am especially thankful for wise friends, such as the author of this article, to give great insight on marriage. Great job!

  3. Jeanelle Anderson(Nell)

    Wow! Not only are you a blessing to the KINGDOM but the ENTIRE WORLD! Girl I’m so proud of the woman you are! You are an outstanding Woman of God, Wife, Daughter, Mother, Friend, Counselor etc. Please continue to allow God to work through you as you shape the very foundation of Families who read your articles. Your articles are a blessing to Singles and Married Couples, as all of our lives can be enriched by your relevant articles in Today’s time! Love You!!

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