REVIEW: GMC’s For Richer or Poorer Starring Rockmond Dunbar and LeToya Luckett

BY: - 27 Jan '13 | Entertainment

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Love, honesty, challenges, commitment, disappointment, and good times – that’s what the new sitcom, “For Richer or Poorer,” is all about.  Based on the hit gospel play produced exclusively for television, “For Richer or Poorer” is a GMC original series that looks at the complexities involved when a happily married couple faces financial challenges that force expectations to shift in order for their relationship to survive.

Aubrey (Rockmond Dunbar) and Kya (LeYoya Luckett) are a young married couple who are trying to navigate the challenges in their marriage that stem from Aubrey losing his six-figure job, and Kya having to adjust her behavior and her expectations in an effort to keep their marriage in tact.

Like any sitcom that revolves around a couple, it just wouldn’t be complete without friends and family to add some laughs and some drama.  But, in this show, friends and family also provide love and support, and we all know that can go a long way when it comes to dealing with the day to day struggles in our lives. Plus, crazy friends and nosy family members are what make sitcoms work.

I didn’t have any expectations of this new series because I don’t typically watch GMC, but I did wonder if it would be anything like Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse.”  Before viewing the premiere episode I did watch the play so I could gather some background about the series, but it really wasn’t necessary. The first episode does a great job of providing the viewer with some background information throughout the episode, allowing us to understand the basic premise of the show.

“For Richer or Poorer” is reminiscent of one of our back-in-the-day favorites, “Martin,” with just a little less comedy (no Sheneneh in this show) and a little more “real life” issues. It also places some subtle emphasis on the role that God plays in the character’s lives, and that gives it an uplifting vibe.

I enjoyed watching the show, although it definitely did not need to be an hour long.  This type of sitcom can give the audience the dose of comedy (and inspiration) we need in a mere 30 minutes. Luckett and Dunbar have great chemistry and do feel like a real couple, and the friends in their lives, DeShawn (Carl Anthony Payne II) and Paige (Angell Conwell), bring a good dose of comedy to their every day dilemmas.

I loved the fact that the show touches upon issues that will resonate with married and unmarried couples. Are men okay with their women making more money than them?  What happens when the man of the house can’t provide the way he has in the past? Can white lies snowball into much larger issues? Do unmarried friends always give their married friends the best advice?  Do we have to adjust our marital expectations when things in our relationship change?

Overall, “For Richer or Poorer” was a fun watch.  With an abundance or negative energy on television these days, it’s nice to watch a show that reflects a black couple in an uplifting and funny manner. It made me laugh and it definitely gave me a few “what if” scenarios to reflect on when it comes to my own marriage.  Cut each episode down to 30 minutes and I may just become a regular viewer, but at an hour long, I think I will definitely set my DVR to record.

BMWK family, will you watch “For Richer or Poorer?”

For Richer or Poorer airs on Saturdays at 7pm ET on GMC

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