Save Money on Travel in 2013…7 Tips on Packing Right!

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Let’s all make a New Years’ resolution to save money in all areas of our lives in 2013, especially while traveling. One of the best ways to save money while traveling is to eliminate the ever increasing checked bag fee(s). If you gave the family the gift of travel this Christmas and are planning a spring break trip, keep in mind that checked bag fees can put a serious dent in your trip’s spending allowance.

A family of four can spend upto $200 roundtrip just on checked bag fees alone (minimum 1 bag each @ $25). If your bag is over the weight limit, tack on another $25-$50 per bag. The best way to eliminate or reduce that fee, is to learn how to efficiently pack a carry-on bag!

#1. Select the right size bag.

Before you can pack a carry-on bag efficiently, you must purchase the right size bag and make sure it is a well made/sturdy/tough piece of luggage. The right size, sure to fit in the overhead bin is 22″ x 14″ x 9″.

#2. Check the weather

There’s also a system to packing the perfect carry-on bag. Check the weather in your destination and choose the appropriate clothes for the climate.

#3. Pick one color palette for your trip.

I know that will be hard ladies (lol) but we are on vacation not the runway at NY’s fashion week.

#4. Mix and Match

Take only 2-3 bottoms and 5-7 tops, mix and match creating 10 outfits. The same applies to every member in the family.

#5. Limit Your Shoes

Pack a total of 3 pairs of shoes! Yes, only 3…one dress shoe, pair of sneakers and an ultra comfortable pair for walking.

#6. Roll Your Clothes

Once everything is laid out, start packing. Rolling your clothes is best, because it takes up less space and stuff items like jewelry into your shoes using all available space.

#7. Use a Carry-on Tote

Put your toiletries in your carry-on totebag or purse, creating a little more room in your carry-on bag.

For more packing tips like using a compression bag system check out this helpful video…


Just think all the money you save on bag fees can be spent on rejuvenating spa services, fun activities and adventures and tours while on vacation.

Do you have a cool packing tip? Share it with us and we’ll share it with the BMWK family!

Happy Packing! Happy travels in 2013!

By The Travelin Diva (Kirstin N. Fuller)

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