Students Dress in Klan Attire for Class Assignment

BY: - 30 Jan '13 | On the Web

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When it comes to the classroom curriculum where should a teacher draw the line? In Las Vegas Nevada a teacher allowed his students to dress as members of the KKK for a U.S. History project. The students, both in high school, obtained their teacher’s permission to do a narrative in order to “demonstrate their knowledge of American History.” After images were obtained of the students outside the classroom still in their costume, letters were written to the school by parents who were concerned about what had occurred. As reported by The Huffington Post:

“In a letter to parents, Principal Scott Walker called the incident ‘unfortunate,’ the Sun reports. ‘While the presentation was designed to highlight the atrocities committed by the Klan, and there was no intention to harm or offend on the part of the students, it was in poor judgment and inappropriate for students to go to such lengths to convey their message,’ Walker wrote. ‘We are deeply sorry for the offensive incident and appreciate your support and cooperation as we use these events as teachable moments about cultural and historical understanding.’”

The teacher was not disciplined for this incident and instead was reminded of district policy. For more on this story visit The The Huffington Post.

BMWK — Do you think the teacher should have been disciplined for allowing this to take place in his classroom?


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