Review TLC’s “The Sisterhood”: Jesus Didn’t Die for This

BY: - 2 Jan '13 | Entertainment

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I know there is a lot of crap on television. Over 90% has nothing to do with Jesus. But when you intentionally create a show and act like it does, that’s when you cross the line.

“The Sisterhood,” a reality-tv show about preachers’ wives in Atlanta, premiered on TLC January 1. Leading up to the show, I thought, “Do I really want to begin the first day of the New Year with this in my spirit? Really?” You see, I’m a first lady, and the more I work in ministry, the more I come to understand the real cost of walking out this assignment as a pastor’s wife. I also come to understand the cost that my Savior paid on The Cross. And one thing I know is that Jesus didn’t die for this. Yes, the word of God says we are to have life more abundantly (John 10:10). But not like this.

After watching the show, I do believe all the couples are sincere (well, maybe not Tara and Brian. That’s just my opinion). And I do want their families and ministries to do well. I even found a few redeeming qualities, just a few:

#1: You actually see Christian marriages in process: husbands and wives who love God and who are dealing with everyday struggles such as finances, teenagers, ministry, and extended-family issues. My heart melted watching Pastor Brian, actually a former pastor who closed his church due to financial reasons, paint his daughter’s fingernails and lotion his wife’s legs. Pastor Brian displayed what it means to be in love with his family, even amid financial and ministry struggles. And the mere fact that he closed the church to maintain his family’s livelihood means he understands that family is his first ministry. That’s was good.

#2: There was real-talk about sex, albeit Pastor Anthony and his wife Christina were trying too hard to be funny and provocative. There is such thing as too much information for the public. We don’t need to know about all your diseases and sexual exploits. Just gross. But let me get back to the positive. It was good to see  a pastor and wife talking to their teenagers about sex, minus the banana, condom, and genital wart.

I also thought the flirting between Pastor Mark and Ivy – leaders of an inner-city church – was refreshing.  Even the handcuffs and  Pastor Mark saying,“You better watch yourself, girl” showed that Christians can maintain the excitement and passion in their marriage even though they are saved. That was cute, but he could have ended the conversation there (or the editors could have) instead of telling us how he wanted his wife to use them in the bedroom. We got the picture once we saw the handcuffs. Again, the show is trying too hard to be provocative.

#3: The women have intense debates about the use of scripture in casual conversation. Even though their passion began to sound more like persecution, I thought the topic of conversation was worthwhile. It’s true that Christian women struggle with finding spaces to be real without fear of judgment or  a sermon being thrown in their faces.

So, if you sift through the extra, there are a few positives to be found. But, I’m more concerned about the purpose of the show not the smidgen of positives.

The purpose is to replicate the Real Housewives series, but to appeal to the Black Christian community, in hopes that our faith is as superficial as “The Sisterhood.” They really don’t think we hold our Jesus as sacred as we do. They think we will sell him out, forget his sacrifice, and crucify him afresh every Tuesday night at 9 PM Est. They don’t think we are spiritually insightful enough to notice what they’ve done by titling the premier episode  “Thou Shall Not Cross a First Lady.”  I don’t care how many fights you script or how much you talk about sex, when you mess with the Cross of Calvary trying to create a provocative title and get people to watch girl fights, you’ve gone too far.

“Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain'” (Exodus 20:7).  Edit that into the script.

If the creators of “The Sisterhood” want a souped-up version of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” then they should just create one and  leave he Cross out of it. Jesus didn’t die for this.

BMWK, did you watch the premier of “The Sisterhood”? What did you think? Will you be watching it again?

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94 WordPress comments on “Review TLC’s “The Sisterhood”: Jesus Didn’t Die for This

  1. Leslie

    Thank you for your summary and thoughts. I agree with you on all points. I don’t think all of the couples are sincere though. The show is a bad look for the church. Things like this does not save souls. It makes the church laughable and reaffirms why many don’t attend. Another messy reality TV show based out of Atlanta.

    1. fonda12

      I loved the show and yes I am a preacher’s wife…The church needs a lot of work, and this show will niether harm or help the church….Church people are the most judgemental,narrow minded,mean people I have met.GROW UP!

      1. Anonymous

        These ladies represent everything Christ is not , jealously, backstabbing, gossiping about one another where is the love of Christ nowhere to be found in this show.

      2. Anonymous

        I love this show, I have been in church my whole life and know how it is behind the since. We put these people on this high Pedestal whether it be, Actors, Actress, Minister or Politicians Remembering they are just like US Humans we all have problems. These lady’s are just like US. Preachers Wives. (Judge Ye Not ) Isn’t that what it say. We Love To Judge People our way is the right way. Are you kidding Me !!!! It’s a show watch or not. TV is Entertainment

  2. Rhonda

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the show, but you have definitely peaked my interest about it. Hopefully my husband and I will be able to catch it on the DVR and have a healthy discussion about it. I’m not a huge fan of “reality” TV and I tend to be VERY cautious about what I feed into my spirit from the media. I am very critical about the TV shows I decide to give my attention and devote time watching, it is so easy to get distracted, mis-informed and caught up in the wrong influences that TV seems to want to shove down our throats. I look forward to scrutinzing this one! Thanks for the information!

  3. Tiffany

    I thought the show was nothing more than an opportunity to flaunt what they have. They living in these lavish homes while most of their congregations are living in poverty, struggling to pay their rent and keep their lights on because they giving all their money to these Churchs so their Pastors and “First Ladys” can live in luxury. Their offices in the Chuch looks better than some peoples homes. It’s all about show!!

    1. Marco


      Shut up, you are so annoying. There is knowing wrong with the people of God living good. Any one can live good if they apply kingdom principles to their life.

      1. Tiffany

        Marco, the truth hurts!!!!! Yeah members of their congregation are suffering , yet they are flaunting their fancy homes and expensive handbags and shoes!!! Im sure those members are as you say “applying the kingdom principles”, along with handing over their checks to the Passah!!! I hope the members of their Churchs were watching last night, so they can see where their money is going…..

        1. Tonya

          I couldn’t agree with you more Tiffany people are struggling and at times giving their last to help the church to then see them flaunt their luxury lives on television is just wrong.

        2. Farah

          Tiffany, I’m confused, are you saying that Pastor’s shouldn’t have a salary? I recall one of the couples saying that their marriage had some conflicts because financially they would struggle because they would choose to pay the church light bill over their own. Not every pastor pockets church money. I have been a treasurer for a church and it is so easy for people to assume that their money is being taken by the pastor but forget to think what keeps the lights, heat, and doors open. Also, paying tithes and offering is our duty and if the pastor/ministry leaders are abusing their seat and stealing from God (not man), let God deal with them and you do what you are called to do. And if you feel that your seed is not being sown in good ground then maybe you should find another place to sow. I doubt their is that much judgement on an owner of a corporation that has a greater salary than his/hers employees, should they take a pay cut because someone else isn’t making as much?

          1. Tiffany

            Yes, they should get a salary. But how much is the key? How is that some Pastors are able to live these luxurious lifestyles while members of their congregation are struggling, and most of the time giving their last dimes to the Church. Even if a Church can afford to pay their pastor a million a year, does he really need that million a year to survive? Couldnt they take some of that money to help the needy, isnt that what Church folks suppose to do. Instead of going out and buying a pair of a $1,500 pair of shoes. I do know for a fact that one of the “first ladys” was bragging about the Loubutton(sp) shoes she got for Mother’s Day. Come one now, seriously? Is that suppose to be acceptable?

          2. Jenni B

            Right on Tonya. I agree totally! It’s our duty to obey God…point blank. If leaders are abusing their power, vengeance is the Lord’s. Discerning power is what we need!

        3. Carla

          Hi Tiffany I have a question. Are you 100% certain that the pastors are being paid millions by their congregations or are you making an assumption based on the abuse of a few ungodly men and a previous bias? Have you been to the church business meetings and seen their budgets. I ask because I attend a church with a pastor who was a corporate executive and a millionaire before he took the position as pastor. Yet he was accused of mistreating the members and taking their money when that is not now and has never been the case. I also have personal friendships with a pastor and his wife who are very good stewards over their money, as the Lord commands us all to be and as a result they have acquired quite a bit of wealth through investments and other business ventures. Even though they offer classes to their members many of them are still struggling because they either don’t follow the principles or they won’t take the classes. So tell me, is that the pastors fault? Should they poor all their wealth in to the members and let their families go without? Or should they teach their children that even though you follow the principles of God’s word, if you go into ministry they are not allowed to fully enjoy His blessings because people around you may get upset?
          I caution you before you make accusations against the leadership the Lord has placed over His people be 100% sure your information is correct and if it is take it to the offenders first as the word instructs. The Lord tells us “touch not my anointed”. Just as you are anointed and the Lord does not want anyone slandering you, these men and women are anointed and He doesn’t want anyone slandering them. I encourage you to be mindful of what you put out there.

          1. Tiffany

            Carla, please do not throw that annointed mess at me. Please…. half the Pastors in these Churchs are so corrupt. Always some type of scandal or mess going on in these Churchs. And you talking about the word and the bible, the word also says abstinence before marriage, but that is not what one of the Pastors was preaching to his daughters. So apparently everyone is not following the words of the bible. Whatever I put on here is correct so I don’t need you or anyone else telling me to be mindful of what I put out there.

        4. Anonymous


          The duties and responsibilities of a Pastor is very time consuming and difficult. With that being said, Pastors deserve good salaries. I believe that when you sacrifice your life for kingdom building, God will bless you with more than enough. God wants all of us to live good (including you tiffany).

          So don’t judge those pastors on the show for living good. You don’t know what obstacles they had to go through to get there. My parents are pastors and I understand how it works behind the scenes. Running a church can be rough.

          If a church is brining in 18 million a year from donations, a pastor should get at least get 15- 20% of that for his or her salary.

      2. Karolin

        I agree. Pastor’s families do not have to live in poverty. We serve an awesome God, He wants us to have the BEST!!!Even the Bible says “the poor you will have with you always.” People are at different levels for different reasons and its not because they are giving all of their money to the church and the Pastor.

        The show….I liked it. I think it shows these are real people with real issues and trying to live above them when they are held to a higher standard is most definitely a greater struggle than it might normally be. We can always see the negatives in any situation if we look hard enough. Everybody is not going to agree, but what we can do is look for the good…

    2. Beverly

      Tiffany excuse me but how do you know how their congregation lives?? Everyone is not broke sweetheart. For someone “church folks” to be so deep kills me! The BIBLE SAYS I would that you be In good health AND PROSPER even as your soul prospers! Why do church folk think the only way to God Is broke busted and downhearted??? You need to read your word, stop judging and start living!
      First Lady B!

  4. Ramona

    Dr. Michelle-
    Thank you! I am also a Co-Pastor/Pastor’s wife. I was truly disappointed in the content of the show. It just gives “the world” one more reason to point out the fakeness of the church today. How could we attract a non-believer with this show? All of the good points they were trying to make were clearly over- shadowed by all the mess. I take my Savior, Jesus Christ, seriously and my walk with him is not a joke. I do not and will not be lumped in with this group of women because of a title.

    1. Brenda

      How does this show edify the body of Christ. I am not a reality TV fan. I believe in being transparent but some of the personal information divulged should have been discussed within each family and not with the world. I will not be tuning in again. As a PK, and knowing the sacrifice my parents made in the ministry and without a lavish lifestyle but knowing their heart for people I am glad that I had their example to follow in my own life.

  5. Cassandra Durham

    I’m in shock that’s all I can say…. For the life of me I cannot understand why someone would take part in this foolishness. I just wonder who is going to be drawn to Christ in this madness..

    1. souolshadow55

      Cassandra – I agree with you. However, I think you overlook the influence that huge amounts of money can make on people. We all know the corrupting influence of money. Just look at the ther other “housewives” shows, the ball players wives, etc., etc. I just can’t imagine anyone doing the degrading things those women do if it weren’t for the big bucks they get paid. That’s another reason why they want to say on season after season. Because as they get more outrageous, and more viewers watch the show, the networks demand larger amounts from the advertisters which brings on higher salaries for the “stars.” After a few years, they can walk away small millionaries. Their children can go to better schools, they can indulge in all the creature comforts want want like bigger cars, homes, purses, shoes, etc. I just happened to catch the show (I wasn’t looking for it and had forgotten all about it). I watched it with my mouth open in semi-shock (nothing really shocks me any more). But I think I’ve seen all of it that I need to see. I just hope it’s not a true reflection of pastors’ wives. I haven’t been to church in years. Especially after my chuch kept demanding money for each and every occassion of week. As well as demanding a certain amount and nothing less, less you be shamed and scorned from the pulpit. I decided to seek my spirtuality elsewhere.

  6. Karen

    Disappointing at best. It was a classic example of how women are always trying to out-do each other. These ladies are no different and the title “first lady” means very little here. It came across as a desperate attempt to get some publicity for failing at something many of them were clearly not called to do with their lives. I did not see warmth, reverence, compassion or love instead there was a lot of ego flying, gossiping and negative energy. Just because their husbands desire(d) to open a church does not mean it is God’s calling on their life. This show is a joke and it is only a matter of time before it is canceled then it will free up their schedules to find their true calling in life. Get real… life is too short for this non-sense.

    1. Felina

      “(…) I did not see warmth, reverence, compassion or love instead there was a lot of ego flying, gossiping and negative energy”

      I absolutely agree with your statement. I was very disappointed. This show does not advance God’s word. All it does is show the “world” that the “church” is the same as them. Example, Christina critized ( even looked more like gossiping to me) Tara & Brian for talking, during dinner, about police being called to their house. Christina said “too much information” for her and the couple should have kept this info private. And yet, here she is, exposing her and her husband’s sexual business all over TV for millions to see. And as seen in the snippets of the next episode, she goes even further. Maybe it’s the editing of the show but my perception is the level of hypocrisy, gossip, negatively talking behind someone’s back,etc, makes me sad.

  7. Tiffany

    Also wondering why they couldnt find any “White” Church’s to participate on this show. I would love to see the contrast. I wonder if they refer to the Pastor’s wife as “First Lady”?

    1. Kelley

      Tiffany… parents were Pastors of a church thst was mainly white. We did have a mix of some nationalities and my Mother was not called First Lady. She wouldnt even let them call her Pastor. They were old school I guess but they visited the sick and called and checked on people. Their flock was their main priority. They had no time to make a show as they were too busy praying, reading Gods word and helping people.

    2. Aimee

      Hi Tiffany I am a white pastor’s wife and I don’t think it’s common in white churches to use the term “first lady”. Our church is a mix of races and I have had some of my African American friends use that term but it is not o e we usually give ourselves. Hope that helps! 🙂

    3. Shannon

      Tiffany, I am a white pastor’s wife, and part of a non-denominational movement of about 2000 churches worldwide (Calvary Chapel). I’ve been a pastor’s wife for fifteen years. We began our church with no financial backing and no congregation … we just set up chairs in our back yard and invited people to a Bible study. My husband worked another job (sometimes two jobs) for the first four years in order to not be a burden on the church. He begrudgingly went full-time when our church expressed their need for him to be available full-time. Even now, we live very modestly. We don’t believe in living above the people.

      In all those years, I have never allowed myself to be called “First Lady,” as that has no scriptural foundation and I don’t understand using a secular term to describe a spiritual position. From time to time, someone will say something in my hearing like, “She and her husband pastor the church,” and I am always quick to correct them. I am not the pastor. My job is to serve my husband as he serves our church.

      We are so busy tending to our small, but very lovely (and loving) church family, buying wells for communities in India, sending teams to Haiti to conduct eye clinics and hold babies in the orphanages, having outreaches with our high school students, discipling our men and women, and digging into the Word, that if a film crew were to show up on our church door and ask to follow us around for a TV series, we’d have to decline. We have no time for that sort of thing. Time is short, and there are still a lot of lost souls out there we’d like to win for Jesus before He comes back for us.

      I’m just saddened to think that the world will watch this show, believe we are all in the ministry for what we can get out of it, and turn their back on Christ because they see no hope of anything different than what they’re already living. If they can’t see the beauty of Jesus in our actions, our words, our treatment of each other, our priorities … why would they ever turn to Him?

        1. Shannon

          Camille, we look at our church family all the time and ask, “How did we get so many wonderful people?” We are so grateful at all God has done, and continues to do. Bless you 🙂

    4. Dee

      Tiffany u r DEAD ON IT!!! You r rite! Most white churches r sincerely in the ministry for Christ PERIOD, which is y they prob didnt even bother to go there!! And Im African American. We r SOOOO greedy, and attn hungry that of course we jumped on it. And to u other brainwashed struggling ppl, the pastor CAN n SHOULD live well, but the bags n overpriced shoes n cars SHOULD NOT BE!!! U can look JUST AS GOOD if NOT BETTER without those things.. Sadly if a member needed help they prob wouldnt get it! I was a member of a mega church and knew of SEVERAL faithful tithers that were turned away when jobs were lost. This confirms the reason I wont do Mega and wont do African American churches anymore. I enjoy the nice church I attend, thats mainly white and very loving, with NO BUILDING FUND!!

      1. Tiffany

        Thank You Dee and I happened to look on one of these churchs and their offering page. They have a category for Tithes, offering and Pastoral gift. Since when they started including Pastoral gift? Does this mean this goes directly to the pastor. Just greedy!!

  8. Gwendolyn

    I was very concerned too. I get the whole trying to be transparent and “keepin it real” but based on just the one episode I did not get the feeling that these ladies are operating in a spirit of love. I agree, very catty and judgmental. I pray it gets better. And some things I do not feel needs to be shared on tv. I had my two young daughters (8 & 11 yrs old) watching with me at first but had to have them leave the room with the talk about sexual plans for the evening, teen sex, condoms, and STDs. I think there is something is wrong if a show about pastors wives can’t be watched by children

  9. Yvonne

    I just got the chance to watch the show & I am sad! Seeing ALL the wives being 2faced & gossipy behind one anothers back reminded me exactly why I dont go to church, let alone a black church. I am saved & Know Jesus. I also understand the wives are human, but come on sisters, be a role model for women, period!!! Seems like its about material posessions rather than souls also. Wont watch again.

    1. Harold

      @Yvonne, I don’t attend and won’t attend another black church, because of the mess we do in our churches. A bunch of straw bosses, turned pastors, who want their members to look to them and rep them, as though they are God.

  10. Yvonne

    Whoa… I am still watching it & that Ivy is a hott trashy mess, GOD forgive me. Tara, I find as being honest & sincere, plus she the only one NOT talkin behind peoples back. Please cancel this soon. Its not going to get people into the church rather they gonna run for sure! And that sex talk…. coulda/shoulda been way WAY different! Especially coming from a person who speaks publicly! What a mess…………………………………………………………………………………..!!!

  11. shandy

    I tuned in not knowing what the show was about would NOT watch again the show is not a good look for the church, this would make you NOT want to go to Church you can’t take these people seriously.

  12. Deidre M

    I don’t think the show was meant as an evangelism tool or to lead ppl to Christ. To my knowledge, that was never the intent. If so, it would’ve aired on the Word Network or other Christian media. It isn’t a ‘church’ show. Rather, it is a reality show about church leaders. If watched with that mind-set, perhaps the expectation will be different. Also, we can’t make an indictment against the church as a whole based off the actions of five couples in ATL. Quite frankly, what was portrayed on the show is FAR less ‘out there’ than some of the outlandish behavior portrayed in churches/pulpits all over the world! One more thing…keep in mind that, regardless of the original intent, the content of the show was very likely edited for the sake of ratings and probably deviates from the crest it’s original pitch to the network.

  13. Harold

    Can somebody please tell me, where do you find ‘first lady’ in the bible. When did this title become something? Why is it that we as black folk got to have titles? The reverend this, apostle that, evangelist over here, bishop is my title. We use these titles like they are first names, and get offended when people don’t call us by these titled names. If you google any of these titles, you would be surprised how many black folk are titled with these titles. And now first lady. The pastor at the church I attend, plays the piano, quiet and very unassuming. But still holy, kind and serving. Just not self serving.

    1. Tiffany

      Harold I’ve been trying to figure that out myself. The last “Black” church I went to, we were told we had to call the Pastor’s wife “First Lady” . I stopped going to that Church. It’s absolutely insane and you can tell all of the ladies on that show just love it. I go to a predominately “White” Church now, and absolutely love it, they do not carry on all of that nonsense that these “Black” Churches carry on!! Our Pastors wife is so humble and would probably die if we called her “First Lady” They have over 5,000 members and bring in 100,000’s a week, but they live modest,not in a fancy mansion, they drive normal cars, they wear non fancy clothes. They don’t show boat, too bad we cant say the same about the Passahs and First Ladies on that horrific show!!.

    2. Barbra Baker-Baylor

      @ Harold
      Out of all the repsonses from this article, this one made my day. I didn’t see the show, but saw some of the previews and figured that it wasn’t for me. As a PK, I along with my siblings get that unique perspective that sometimes others don’t get. Again, your response made my day. God bless you!

  14. rashida

    Its like when you were in school if you dont apply want you learn how can you change. The Bible talks about being in the world but not apart of it. We need to start apply what we learn from the bible and start changing on the inside. We must learn to be different. And yes different is hard and it is so easier be like everyone else because it will get you more money and better ratings. but why lose your soul over it. just saying, not jugding

  15. Anonymous

    Hmmm…I thought your original thought was: God is bigger than this reality tv; it’s all entertainment…. I could see way ahead that this was tom foolery in “the name of Jesus.” Just burns me up!

  16. Minister 1st Lady Jazzie (NBCLC)

    First of all I would like to say that I can appreciate the fact that the show attemped to show the secular word that us woman of God/First Ladies have a life outside of ministry. They all showed us in their own way that we not only have to stand up in our church but we have so many other obilgations that we’re living our lives to bring the best out of a situation. I just pray that these very different woman can remember that our lives are open books anyway but can they just remember to be a first lady is not only image but also a lifestyle. Proverbs 14:1 Reads A wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands. God Bless

    1. Tiffany

      Where is first lady in the bible, and why do you think it’s okay for you to be called first lady? You or the others ARE NOT first ladies. The current First Lady for the next 4 years is Michelle Obama. And the last time I checked, Barack was not a Pastor, he’s the President!!!!

  17. Jennice

    I dont agree with the Jewish pastor’s talk whenhis wife and him attended dinner @ Christina’s house. It may be appropiate in his house but not everyone will enjoy his brand of humor. I didnt like how Ivy and Brian’s wife attacked the Jewish pastor’s wife about the way she evangelizes to people. I dont like the shiw as a whole but I will continue to watch because it will make for interesting thoughts and conversations in my family.

  18. JMP

    @Tiffiany, funny how you didn’t respond to Carla. It’s because she set you straight. If you’re a good Stewart over what Christ blesses you with then you can live large if you CHOOSE to. I know a couple who went through the same thing. They had money when God called them. He prepared them to be able to travel and preach. He ordained, sustained, and maintained them. Your pastors live modest lives because they CHOOSE to. Know Jesus for yourself. And do your part to carry out the Great Commission and don’t worry about the “passahs,” cause only YOU and how YOU live YOUR life will get YOU to Heaven.

    1. Tiffany

      Maybe I didnt respond because I wasnt logged on, I do have a life!!!! I have my life in order and I know I wouldnt sell my soul to the devil for a couple of dollarsw!!!

      1. Jasmine


        I will pray for your soul.
        You are so anger and you are acting out on this review site.
        You are out of order and need to repent

        And stop hopping from church to church just becasue they call the Pastor’s wife “First Lady”. That is so small.

        Focus on the important things.

        Get it together and learn how to apply those kingdom principles to your life becasue if you were you would not be on this site bashing everyone.

        Get it together.

        1. Dee

          Jasmine I think u meant “angry”… And I don’t think she is angry r bashing. More so annoyed, irritated and disappointed in the black church….. I can agree and understand.

          1. Michelle

            @ Tiffany, just to clarify….not all black churches operate in this manner, and not all black churches are hung up on titles. I pastor a church with my husband, and we are called by our first names. Sometimes, they may refer to my husband as Apostle, but it is not a requirement. We both work full-time jobs, are parents to our children, are leaders to the church and community. We feed and clothe the community. We walk and talk to the people in our community. Our main objective is to bring those who are lost and hurting into the family of Christ. The way it sounds is that you have experienced a lot of hurt in the churches that you have previously attended. Please forgive these churches and pastors and move on to the destiny that God has chosen for you. Holding onto the unforgiveness is only hurting you, while those who did the hurting is going on living.

          2. Michelle

            Oh, yeah…for the record…..I refuse to be called “First Lady”. If there’s a first lady, that leaves room available for a “Second Lady”!!!! LOL

  19. Alicia

    I agreed with I’d say the majority of those who found the show detestable. I understand that this may be some people’s reality in the church – never experience that and I am no spring chicken – if that people reality of a Pastor’s wife – I think we need to weep between the porches – not because I don’t understand reality – ABSOLUTELY – none of us are baggage or issue free but my goodness…

    I agree with the author of this article Jesus did not die for this mockery – not only is it time wasted but if these people dare to utter that Jesus led them by His Spirit to proselytize the unsaved with this mess- I hope He does another Ananias drop dead scenario on National TV because that save a bunch of people. — Get real people — Christ asks to cover each other NOT condone or sweep sin and mess under the rug but confront it – deal with with all hopes of restoring the person — so I don’t know which spirit they are being led by but it ain’t the Holy Spirit not the written Word!

  20. annette

    I’m not judging I’m just saying. This is their reality. Family’s and pastor wives act lack this. Where in the Bible does it say this is a mockery of what Jesus wanted. I’m looking can’t find it. Beware of Mega Churches, (But God wants us to be rich, psst- that’s in spirit, saints, words and deeds, not dollars) Look at those good Christians just talking about people behind they backs and on this blog. Jesus is on the mainland and talks to everyone and most people need to clear their receivers.

  21. kimesha wright

    i aint even seen the show yet but ive heard about it mos prior and i jus smh to it! that they would make a show like this (then again the world in wich we live im not surprised at all) this brings such a reproch to the name of CHRIST…

  22. Karen

    I am floored at the fact that women, with these self-acclaimed titles, would even BE given a platform to showcase their “lifestyle”. How is this benefitting the public at-large? As Harold asked “….where do you find “first lady” in the Bible?” All women were designed to be “ladies” in word, thought and deed. However, if these women are examples of what a “lady” should represent then we have “missed the mark” by leaps and bounds. We need better representation of what a lady is and should be.

  23. TxLeo

    My sister, brother and I watched the show and were not so much disgusted and appalled as we were very “disappointed.” Everytime I’ve seen someone mention being a “first lady” of a church, their faces light up with a huge mega-watt smile on their face. The question I want to ask is “what are you most excited about, living for Jesus or being called ‘first lady’.” My next question is is the show being compared to RHOA because of locale, ethnicity, or behavior. In my opinion, all of the housewives on the other shows can and do behave just as foolishly and unladylike, if not more at times, as the RHOA ladies. So let’s brush them all with the same broad stroke and not single out RHOA. As a person who has decided to make Christ head of my life, family and home, and attempt to live a spirit-lead life, it was disheartening to see the ladies, who should be winning souls, gossiping, being judgmental and disrespectful. Not setting very good examples for their congregations. Pastor Anthony, in my opinion, was out of line asking Brian about his family’s acceptance of Tara. It wasn’t the time or the place.

    As far as not attending a “black” church ever again as some of you have stated, just like not ALL black people are on welfare or criminals, not ALL black churches operate that way.

    1. Karen

      I agree with you Anthony was out of line with his line of questioning to Brian regarding his family’s acceptance of Tara.

      It seems to me that Anthony was trying to get some extra camera time by making such a low blow on Brian. After 16 years of marriage, 3 children and surviving disownership of you and your family it seems to me that it speaks to the strength and authenticity of Tara and Brian’s relationship.

      Anthony should have “thought” before he spoke. His level of immaturity is overwhelming and his lack of decorum leaves much to be desired. In short he has no class and as a “Pastor” it is one of the attributes one must possess. I wonder whose leadership he was mentored under because a seasoned pastor would never asked such questions in mixed company. He can also use some parenting skills. His daughters looked humiliated and embarrassed at his attempted to educate them on safe sex. His wife looked like she was finding out some new things about his past and was equally embarrassed as their girls.

      A man (pastor or not) should never bring shame to his family unit. He is supposed to unite, strengthen and make them proud that he IS the leader of their household.

  24. Tishonna Mosley

    I guess I’m one of the few that enjoyed the show. FL are women like all women and have everyday life difficulties. I liked seeing all the positive black loving relationships. Not sure what’s going on with Brian and Tara but everyone else seem genuine. I will be watching on Tuesdays at 9pm.

  25. Tina

    Found the show appalling. Is it not enough to have trash like the “Housewives show.”? For a pastor to use on tv a banana to show his daughters how to put a condom on should be done in the privacy of the home with zero cameras.

    Looks like the women are after fame and money. This is not what the church needs to draw people in.

    This does not look to be Spirit led.

  26. Rose

    Christianity is about Transforming and Reforming your life the way God has said in His Bible, not Conforming to the world standards. WHY are there no older pastor’s wives being shown?

  27. Stephanie

    “To whom much is given much is required.” With this position comes a level of integrity, discretion, and an understanding that everything they say and do represents their boss… Jesus Christ. Wy do we think we have to show the world that we are “real.” That’s not scriptural. That’s why the world does not respect us because we are so desperate to look like them that we look just like them. My mother was a pastor’s wife for over 40 years and she was absolutely nothing like these ladies. She was a virtuos woman, discreet and poised. Yet more unsaved people would come to her for counsel and she never displayed any “being real” behavior in order to attract this. She just walked like Christ and understood that it is the Holy Spirit that draws. Btw.. Pastor Brian me his wife submitted An apology interview on YouTube. Lets stay prayed up saints.

    1. Stephanie

      Sorry for the typos. Pastor Brian and his wife have an apology interview on YouTube with Lady Charmaine. He claims that the editors did everything in their power to edit and that many of the conversations and their responses were cut and paste. He was appalled at the intent of the producers and urges the body of Christ to be patient. He says him and his wife had no idea that the other cast members felt this way about them and that each cast member had no idea what the other cast members taped (such as the banana scene and the handcuffs). The pastor with the handcuffs said he also gave his wife a t shirt that the show did not show and that that’s what he was referring to when he said wear only this when I get home. Pastor Brian also said that because they agreed to do the show that is why he was fired from the church in Alanta after only 6 weeks. You guys should check it out. He is actually pretty solid in the word. It’s an hour long interview.

      1. Anonymous

        I am sure the interview was done because they are now under so much fire. They knew upon agreeing to do the show that editing would be heavily done, as in all reality shows! That is why Christian folk should steer clear of that. The church fired him because they could foresee the foolery. I know I wouldn’t want a pastor who is interested in that type of reality show…something positive, yes. We have to be a light in a dark world, not the light that INTERACTS with darkness. Money has become the focal point in the lives of Christians, and that should not be so.

  28. Confused

    I watched the first episode of the show and I think it’s ok but I think that it could possibly hurt the membership of the churches that they are a part of. What really its totally UNAPPEALING to me is the fact that dominique gets a tattoo in a coming episode, they CLAIM to know the word so well but she seemed to have skipped lev. 19:28 where it talks about tattoos. No we are not perfect and yes we all sin but if you wanna represent God then you need to do it in the correct way and not be sloppy with it.

  29. Forgiven

    Oh my God these Christians are being attacked. It amazes me how others can look at someone else life and critique them . I’m a Christian that loves the lord and I trust in him for my future. If the camera followed me around I’m sure they would find something that I do that is not fitting to someone. Such as I wear a bikini to the beach , wear makeup and long weave. But I love the Lord with my whole heart . I’m a worshipper by nature and I don’t believe in gossip and not into handcuffs. But that dosent make me any better then any one on the show. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it! Put it on TBN. But I will continue to pray for these people of God.

  30. Island Queen

    There is nothing ethical, spiritual and none of them represent what a Pastor’s wife should portray. This show is a disgrace. It all comes down to the mghty dollar. This is a mockery and a down right insult to anyone walking that walk with christ. This is the next RHOA

  31. Tiffany

    For some reason I couldnt reply directly to Christina. Please tell me exactly how I am a hater? To be a hater you would have to be envious or jealous of what others have and you don’t. I have more than any of these “First Ladies” could ever dream of. And I have it because of a great education and hard work, not because I married a man who uses God to scheme and take advantage of those weak individuals who don’t have sense to know when they are being used to further the cause. And the cause is their “pocket books”.

  32. Pingback: MLK Didn't Die for This | Black and Married With - A Positive Image of Marriage and Family

  33. Cathy

    First of all, how much is TLC paying each of these couples to air their dirty laundry on TV? There must be some whale of an incentive to make the cheapening of the Gospel worth it. Of the four couples portrayed, Brian and Tara seem to be the most spiritually and emotionally challenged and immature. Neither of them are in any way ready to pastor, let alone be entrusted with a television ministry. Their concept of a “Christian Bar Mitvah may be trendy, but it may turn out to be nothing more than confusing to the general public, and insulting to both Christians and Jews.

  34. Tricia

    I, for one, hope that the show is cancelled. One of the main things to identify here is PURPOSE! What is the purpose of this show? Is it a Representation of First Ladies, or the body of Christ? Although it’s possible to separate the two, the world most likely is going to see it all in one light and connect them. Therefore it is crucial that the body of Christ be represented respectfully, and with good taste!
    I hear people say that the First Lady has to maintain a standard…no all of us that identify with the body of Christ, are held to a standard, and when any of us compromise that standard the enemy has just enough lead way to go in and wreck havoc.
    Non of us have apprehended, but please saints, let’s at least maintain some spiritual boundaries.
    The Holy Ghost is the spirit of the departed one and we are told not to grieve Him. If you’ve been given a unique opportunity to let your light so shine before men …then please do God justice.

  35. Sacha

    I am the wife of a Elder of my local church and one day will end up being a “First Lady”. So for me I feel the show does not show the TRUE character of Jesus Christ in some of the women on the program. I feels it’s sending a bad message out to people who may be unsaved and not even accepted Jesus as Lord of their life. I hope it’s cancelled aslo.

  36. annoymous you feel like you are abovr all and its always about you. As a first it shouldny

    My question is for Tara, why are you emotional ditached to peoples emotion? You aleayz think its all about you and your husband thinks like you. As a christain that you call yourself, it should be all by you actio n, not only your words.

  37. Isabella

    What I don’t understand about Domenic is if God has for given you of your past why go back and suffer ( cry) God has for given you and died for your sins so please for give your self and move on don’t go back from were god has taken you out of! Take care and God bless

    1. RahRah

      Hi Isabella… There is a little thing called deliverance. Domimique may not be delivered from her past. God may have forgiven her but she has deep rooted issues that need to be confronted and dealt with. That spirit of confrontation she has really bothers me… Why is she always complaining about something or someone? She behaves as though the world owes her something when she is owed nothing.

  38. Anonymous

    I expect my leaders spiritual and non spiritual, to lead by example. The example that I saw on this show is not one I would want to follow in my christian walk. Everyone has their own definition of Christianity and these ladies don’t bother me, even though I won’t be watching it again, because I don’t feel that they represent me or my definition of my Christianity. That being said, I do feel that when anyone goes on a public platform like tv and take it upon themselves to portray themselves as a representative or representation of a certain group or demographic they open themselves up to criticism. And within limits, that criticism is justified when said group feels that they were wrongfully portrayed or misrepresented. No matter whether you like them or hate them please just pay for them.

  39. Rosario Dana

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