VIDEO: Must See Short Film – Does Your Spouse Feel Invisible?

BY: - 23 Jan '13 | Marriage

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When was the last time you told your wife she was beautiful or your husband that he was handsome? When was the last time you saw your spouse’s eyes light up when you walked into the room?

Created by the “Marriage Pressure Points” ministry, the short film titled Invisible forces viewers to reflect on their own marriages and perhaps ask themselves the same questions. While we may love our spouse, unless we show or tell them how we feel, they might wonder if they are still desirable to us. They might feel invisible.

“Marriage Pressure Points” is a ministry that seeks to minister to couples. According to Phil Stevens, “It’s a marriage ministry that uses dramatic, relational short films and study guides to speak to the hearts of couples. It reveals real problems and brokenness, but always ends in grace, love and a glimmer of hope. Our goal is to fight against the negative energy that attacks a marriage, often leading in divorce. The ministry is only possible through the contributions and donations of others. The best way to donate is to go to and give whatever is on your heart to help minister to broken marriages.”

Please take a moment to view the film and join us for a discussion in the comments section below.

BMWK — Do you find your spouse attractive or have they become invisible to you?

Photo and Video Credit: Invisible on Vimeo

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13 WordPress comments on “VIDEO: Must See Short Film – Does Your Spouse Feel Invisible?

  1. Elizabeth

    Wow, what a great short! My marriage is really rocky sometimes I wonder if it even exists… My husband is really “friendly” as he puts it and it drives me crazy… And not the good kind! I feel he’s got so much attention he doesn’t need me so I get resentful and have even less to offer him. you can imagine bow the pattern continues downhill. but maybe Ive been focused on the wrong person. Maybe somewhere along the line I dropped the ball and someone else picked it up. I was actually brought to tears watching this- it touched me so much! I’ve been needing help and Im not sure where to even begin to pick up the broken pieces. I’m grateful I’ve found this blog. Thank-you!

  2. Phil

    I’m really glad the film was helpful to you Elizabeth. It’s so encouraging to hear the stories of people that were touched in some way from our films.

    It’s really easy for ‘you know who’ to get us in a corner and whisper lies. We make agreements with him instead of proving him wrong and fighting back. I urge you to fight back. Take your power back, and rest in the truth that your husband does need you. Right now in fact.

  3. Anonymous

    What a great short picture of how women feel sometimes in their marriage. How the husband addressed her feelings was also right on! If only this could happen in every marriage relationship, not just on holidays, like Valentines Day which is coming up soon.

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  5. gina

    Good movie. I think the only thing it made me wish was that i had cute guys in my office to make my husband sit up and notice like that. Hmm. Is that what it takes, fellas?

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  8. patrick

    I am not married but I enjoy learning about what to do/ not to do in a marriage. My greatest fear is marrying and giving my heart to the wrong woman. I have been divorced for over seventeen years because my first marriage was so painful. I know love is a risk but it is so easy to stay single and not expose yourself to that hurt.

  9. nads

    I do understand how she feels, when I get dress I get all kinds of compliment but none from the person I need it most from, my husband, but he is quick to give compliments to his friends he notice every time they change a hairstyle, new make , new dress but he never notice me.

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Why Cutting Cable Will Save My Marriage (and Save Us Money)

BY: - 24 Jan '13 | Marriage

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By Kara I. Stevens

Before I got married, I used to hear women talk about how hard it was to keep the passion going and the juices flowing in a marriage.  I never understood what they meant, though. Not that I believed that the love in their marriages wasn’t real, I just (naively) thought the passion that my husband and I experienced during our days of courting and dating would somehow always be there once we jumped the broom.

I have been married for three months, and I am here to testify, “I was wrong; they were right!” In this short period of time, I’ve noticed that we have gotten ourselves into a rut—go to work, come home, eat, watch T.V., and go to bed.  This rut, albeit reasonable, is, nonetheless, a rut.

And I was beginning to miss my husband — my lover, my confidant, my friend.

I started thinking, “If this marriage is going to be the juicy kind that we both wanted, then we are going to have to nip some of these anti-intimacy habits in the bud before our marriage becomes dry, stale, and stank.”

As young professionals without kids — working hard to make a future for ourselves — we were guilty of frittering away our time in the present together, zoning out on T.V. after grinding at our 9-5s.  I had never been much of a television-watcher growing up, but I was becoming a couch potato at 33, getting hooked on stupid shows just as a way to relax and unwind after work and on the weekends. I noticed the same about my husband. When he would come home, he would give me a kiss, and then plop on the couch right next to me, and tune-in to his favorite shows.

T.V. was making it easy for us to cope with the weight of world and working hard, but it was distracting us from the hard work of staying engaged, active, and in-tune with each other.

I voiced my concern about what was happening to us and he agreed that it would be a good idea to cut the cable. As an alternative to watching T.V., we came up with the following:

  1. Playing Board Games: My husband is a Scrabble and Monopoly fanatic. I prefer Connect Four and Checkers. Instead of looking to CSI Miami or Law & Order for entertainment, we can dust off the old board games and get into some healthy competition.
  2. Discussing Articles and Books: Back when we were dating, my husband and I would send each other interesting articles based on our respective interests. He tended to send me articles on African Politics and Entrepreneurship; I sent articles on Behavioral Economics, Philosophy, Personal Finance, and Black Studies. Without TV to steal our time, we can actually share our thoughts and possibly get into some heated (and sexy) debates.
  3. Saving For Our Honeymoon or Home: We could accelerate our savings progress by stashing the “cable cash” for home ownership or to fund the memories that we will make in London later this year.
  4. Visiting Friends or Inviting Friends Over More:  We are not the only ones with this problem. I bet if we asked our friends (married and single), they would agree that TV has become a poor substitute for human connection, entertainment, and active living for them as well.
  5. Reinstating Date Night: The money that we save from cable can go for a monthly date of an inexpensive play or movie with “cheap eats” afterwards or whatever else we plan.


BMWK — What is slowly, but surely, killing your connection? What are you doing about it? 

Kara Stevens blogs at FabulousNFrugal, a personal finance blog for women-of-color. Kara gives practical tips on all things girl power, wealth management, and juicy living. Connect with her on Twitter: @fabandfrugal 

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