7 Ways to Flirt With Your Husband

BY: - 15 Feb '13 | Marriage

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The act of flirting is still alive and well! Don’t ever stop doing it. If you’ve ever stopped, get back to it. It’s always a win-win for everybody, that’s sure to lead somewhere that you BOTH wanna go. Flirting is an art. To some, it comes naturally. Just make sure that you’re using it when and where it matters the most and of course, that is anytime, any place, and with your spouse!

1. It’s all about the eyes.

Make sure that you undress him with those eyes. You know, that quick up and down action. It’s not only for the guys. Ladies…give it a try! Softly bite your bottom lip too, while you’re at it, for good measure.

2. Grab him.

Playfully give him a tap and make it Rated G, when the kids are around, but kick it up a notch when no one’s around. Try it before he heads out to work in the morning.

3. Let him choose.

We know that as women we can make our own decisions, but why not let HIM in on the action every once in a while? Lay out a couple of bra and panty sets and request his help with the choice of the day? What better way to have him thinking about “his choice” all. day. long?

4. Talk softly.

We’re always talking and yelling loudly, especially when there’s chaos and kids around. Speak softly and draw him closer to you so that he can hear the soft words that you’re speaking. Just make sure that what you’re whispering is the start of something good, because you’ve got him right there!

5. Surprise him!

No, you don’t have to pop out of a cake, and yell surprise!! Just leave one of Victoria’s little secrets in a hiding spot that he’d least expect. Guaranteed to make him smile. NOTE: Please not in his briefcase! We want you to PLAY with fire, not get him FIRED! If you’re skeptical about planting this sweet little surprise, try just leaving a post-it note first, and see how that goes!

6. Feel sexy. Be sexy!

I’m sure at this point in your relationship, he’s shared what he finds most attractive about your body. Whether it’s putting on something hot and racy that plays up and accentuates your assets, or just wearing one of his over-sized t-shirts, make him look! Most of all, make him like what he sees!

7. Kiss him.

Sounds simple, right? Kiss him at a time that he’d least expect it. Catch him off guard and he’ll be sure to return the favor!

Keep the fun going. Keep the fire burning! Most of all, keep the love and affection in the forefront, and the rest will follow.

BMWK — How many more ways can you flirt with your husband?


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