According to Joe Jackson Today’s Parents Are ‘Soft’

BY: - 1 Feb '13 | On the Web

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Photo Credit: eurweb

Photo Credit: eurweb

According to Joe Jackson, we are doing it all wrong. On a recent episode of CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight Joe expressed his opinion that these days parents are “soft” when handling the disciplining of their children. Today there are numerous parenting theories and techniques. Those of us who have children know that it isn’t always a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to parenting. So what are Mr. Jackson’s complaints with regards to our parenting?

“Yeah, they are too soft. One of the reasons I say that is because kids nowadays are killing their parents in some cases,” Jackson said. “Let’s get into this ‘beating’ thing. There’s no such thing as ‘beating a kid.’ You whip them or punish them over something they did, and they will remember that. And they’ll remember it in such a way that they won’t do it again. That’s the way I was.”

Many of us are aware that there were some mixed opinions when it came to the way Joe Jackson allegedly raised his own children. Despite this, he is very vocal about his thoughts on how everyone else chooses to raise their own kids. For more on this story visit The Grio.

BMWK — Do you agree with Joe Jackson’s views on discipline? Do you think today’s parents are too soft?


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  • Jennice

    I think there are differdnt strokes for different folks but beating a never ok. I think spankings and beatings are totally different. Beating is way too harsh for for any child while spanking js a firm reminder if inappropiaye behaviour.