Couples Spotlight: Gregory & Kemlia Sherman

BY: - 27 Feb '13 | Couple's Spotlight

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This week’s spotlight is on Gregory (Greg) and Kemlia (Kem, sounds like Kim) Sherman. This couple hails from Maryland by way of South Carolina. She’s a ten-and-a-half year veteran of the US Air Force. He served in the Army for thirteen years. They’ve been married for twenty years, together for twenty-four, and have two beautiful daughters (ages fifteen and twenty) and an adorable dog. She is currently attending Howard University’s School of Law, and loves to read in her spare time. He works in security and enjoys working. They both enjoy the time they spend with family and inspire other married couples just by the love they share with each other.

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6 WordPress comments on “Couples Spotlight: Gregory & Kemlia Sherman

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  2. GeeGee4

    Beautiful story!! There are some successful stories of marriage out there…. I wish the media talked more about positive relationships than the negative ones.

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  4. Bree Sherman

    *taps mic* I would just like to take the opportunity to say that I am extremely proud of my mom and dad for displaying what true love is to me and my sister on a daily basis. Their relationship truly is one of loves master pieces…Now as for the whole parenting section I would like to edit a few things if I may….just kidding no they’re both great parents and excellent role models. Love you Fred and Wilma! ? hahaha *drops mic and walks off stage*.

  5. Anonymous

    5am in the morning is too early for me for breakfast. Make it 8 am and I’ll be there. Wonderful and Inspiring story. I think I’m gonna try waking my wife up at 5am to cook me breakfast. If she gets upset, I’ll say that I got it from the Sherman’s. Thanks for the tip.

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