Do You Kiss in Front of Your Kids?

BY: - 6 Feb '13 | Intimacy

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My kids always make disgusted faces when my husband and I kiss or hug. I catch the smirks and hear the “get a room!” comments, but I also see the smiles they try to hide from us. I don’t mind because I know they would rather see us kissing and hugging than yelling and throwing things at each other. I think kids should see their parents holding hands, kissing and hugging. This will no doubt embarrass them and if your kids are like mine, you may get the “get a room!” comment too. Since the parent’s relationship is the first relationship that kids see, shouldn’t it be a healthy, romantic one? If there is continuous fighting, cursing at each other, or physical violence, some kids will believe that those are normal characteristics of adult relationships and eventually those are the kinds of relationships they may have. Our kids watch us, they even mimic our behavior. Let them see something positive. Our kids shouldn’t just see or hear us argue; they should see and hear us express our love to one another as well.

Showing affection towards your spouse, regardless if he or she is the biological parent, will show your kids that healthy, adult relationships are possible. Your sons and daughters will learn how to treat their spouses and how to be treated by their spouses by watching your actions towards each other. Have the kind of relationship you want your kids to have. Kids are not always going to be young, they will grow into adults. If you don’t want them to be abused by their spouse, don’t abuse your spouse. If you want them to be respected and cherished by their spouse, respect and cherish your spouse. Remember, the father and mother are the first role models in a child’s life, let’s be as positive as possible to set them on the right relationship track.

BMWK — Do you believe you should kiss in the presence of your kids?

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One thought on “Do You Kiss in Front of Your Kids?

  1. MM

    One thing I remember as a child was seeing my parents hug and kiss regularly. I could “feel” the love they had for one another and I remember thinking I wanted that kind of relationship when I was grown. It really does impact you!

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