Don’t Forget About Your Little Loves on Valentine’s Day

BY: - 13 Feb '13 | Parenting

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Photo Credit: cbgrfx123 via Flickr

Photo Credit: cbgrfx123 via Flickr

I love Valentine’s Day but as a mother I no longer see it the way I once did. While it is nice to get candy or flowers from my husband, for me, what really makes the holiday so special is spending time with the people I love most. Spending time with them over dessert makes it even sweeter of course.

Although the material things are nice, I can’t stress enough how much their importance pales in comparison to people. To love and be loved is a gift. To wake up tomorrow morning and lock eyes with the people who matter to you most is the greatest gift you will receive on Valentine’s Day. Tucking your children in bed at night and/or going to bed beside your spouse is a joy that will last even when the red roses have wilted and you’ve eaten the last of the chocolates.

As you celebrate love remember to take a moment to shower your little loves with hugs and kisses too. Romantic dinners for two are nice but so are family dinners spent laughing and making memories. Consider writing a love letter to your children or drawing them a picture. Do they have a favorite dinner suggestion? Make dinner together and surprise them with a special dessert and afterward exchange and/or read to them your love letter. Find a way to make the excitement of Valentine’s Day extend beyond their school day.

The sky is the limit and the great thing (of many) about our children is that they are often very easy to please and eager to love and be loved. Yes, little ones LOVE love too.

BMWK – How do you plan to make Valentine’s Day special for your little ones?


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