Honeymooning Every Year — Why It’s So Important

BY: - 26 Feb '13 | Marriage

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With all the stress from work, simply taking care of our families, and life in general, it’s sometimes easy to forget why we even got married in the first place. A while ago, I posted an article that discussed the importance of having that refreshing “girls weekend” to let our hair down. Well, it’s even more important that, as married couples, that we take the time to re-discover our lovers. What better way to do that than with a romantic getaway? Just the two of you. Nowadays, I appreciate a trip with my honey as an anniversary gift versus a dozen roses or a pair of earrings.

Studies have shown that couples who have travel together are more likely to say that romance is still alive in their relationships than those who don’t travel together. They also find traveling couples are more likely to communicate well with their partners, as well as have a good sex life…makes sense to me. If you’re busy planning your future together, then it should be hard to let much come between the two of you, right? As soon as the trip is over, we should be thinking, “Ok, now where do we go next?”

A lot of us may feel guilty leaving the kids behind, or even feel like we can’t afford a vacation. Whatever the reason, you should really know that you deserve it! Both of you should commit to planning for the months ahead. It doesn’t have to be Hawaii. It could be a hotel near the lake, a weekend rental on a beach within driving distance or a suburban bed and breakfast. Whatever you can do, do it! We owe it to ourselves and our marriages to enjoy each other and relax at the end of the day, opposed to being too tired for intimacy. When you don’t have to get up, go to work, do laundry, cook, clean, etc. for a few days, you have the energy you need (and have been lacking) to have fun with your spouse.

Let’s face it, sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to re-focus on your honey and why you fell in love in the first place. A lot of us who have kids know that privacy is a luxury and that our homes are not the first things that come to mind when we think of ultimate relaxation. Speaking of children, it’s actually great for them to see us doing this. It shows them just how important our marriage is to us and that we love each other!

Just remember how good you felt on your very first honeymoon. That should be incentive enough to do it again…and again! And please…make sure that the only communication you will accept, will be family emergencies only. Leave Facebook, all other social media and e-mail behind. The only thing you should be turning on is EACH OTHER!

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