How We’ve Been Resolute in Achieving our Resolutions

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It’s mid-February but for Ronnie and I it feels like it’s late November. Like the title says we’ve been resolute in achieving our resolutions for 2013. At the end of last year we sat down and planned goals for our marriage, our family and our business. Since we always talk about our marriage, today I’ll share about our business.

In December of 2007 we created this site from our passion of uplifting healthy relationships and marriages. We quickly realized that by following our passion we stumbled upon our purpose, which was to aid couples and families. Fast-forward five years, and our passion has developed into our business which encompasses this website, film productions, social events and soon-to-be announced conferences.

During our meeting late last year, we laid out a blueprint for things we needed to achieve in order to reach next-level growth and to expand the work that we already do. Our goals included re-branding our business, doing a total site redesign, providing more resources, and creating new films. The groundwork for most of these items needed to be completed in the first quarter of 2013, and I’m proud to share that we’re on track for the most part.

We’re only weeks away from launching our first mobile app that will allow you to keep connected with BMWK via your mobile device. Within the next few months you’ll see a fresh new design and website layout that will hopefully inspire you to visit each day. And we’re well underway with producing more resources (that will be featured in our newly released BMWK Resource Guide), in addition to two new films.

The ability to stay on task and reach most of our major milestones with so many projects advancing boils down to a few items.

  • Teamwork – The ability that Ronnie and I have to tackle issues together as a team has been tremendous.
  • Evaluating Strengths – We access what each person does well and play to each other’s strengths.
  • Having a purpose – While we love the work that we do, we also believe in the purpose behind it. Our business isn’t just about making money or getting attention. The core of what drives us is to help people in their family lives.

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  • Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.

    Glad to know you guys! Looking forward to seeing those goals come to fruition and the impact on marriage and family it will have!