How Will You Celebrate the Gift of Love This Week?

BY: - 11 Feb '13 | Marriage

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I love that Valentine’s Day comes around every year to remind couples to give, do and be more thoughtful of one another and we sometimes put aside our differences in order to participate in this celebration of love. We focus on which gift expresses our love the most. Some of us use this time as an opportunity to take our relationship to the next level. It’s a special time, it’s true. Love is in the air, the stores are filled with aisles of goodies, and the color red and heart shaped things are everywhere. I can appreciate any idea, holiday or thing that honors love. Lord knows we need more love in this world.

One of my daily prayer requests is for love to spread. So believe me I get it. But can you imagine how awesome it would be if more relationships went beyond this one special day and incorporated even more acts of giving love throughout the year.

Love is a gift and should be treated as such. Our mates deserve year round rewards of love. Once we remember that love is a choice and that the person who gives it to us chooses to do so, the more valuable it will become. At any time one can decide to remove their love if they ever deem us unworthy. Because it is a gift, we should treat love as we would any present we truly value.

We should be grateful for it. Although it may not come in the shape, form or design we expected, love is still a reward and should be treated as such.

We should thank the person that showers us with it. As with anything we receive, we must thank the giver. Typically with gifts there are usually thank you cards; but in a relationship there are numerous ways we can say thank you. It can come in the form or returning the love back and treating the person the way we want to be treated. Or it can come in how we communicate with that person. Using words rooted in love to build the person up is another great way to show our appreciation daily.

We should wear the gift. Meaning we should bask in the love that is being shown to us. Enjoy, welcome, and embrace it fully. No one wants to see what they share with someone else wasted. So delight in the experience of receiving and sharing love with your special person.

Gifts are special, not everyone receives them. This is why we should treat them as such. If you have someone in your life who truly loves you, recognize your blessings and treat them with the utmost respect and care. And not just this week, but every week of the year. I want to be able to ask this question a few weeks from now just to make sure you are still celebrating loving and honoring your partner.

BMWK — How will you celebrate the gift of love this week and beyond?


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