Interview: Daniel & Montina Portis – Founders of the 52 Week Financial Challenge

BY: - 1 Feb '13 | Couple's Spotlight

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Photo Credit: Daniel and Montina Portis

Photo Credit: Daniel and Montina Portis

If you were anywhere near social media at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 (specifically Facebook), then you may have seen a chart similar to this one with the title “52 Week Money Challenge.” Although this challenge has recently gained popularity thanks in most part to social media, it has actually been around now for a few years. In this interview, you will get to meet the creators of this popular money challenge, Daniel and Montina Portis.


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  • Kesewa

    Daniel and Montina are a great couple. I’ve been watching their progress online, for several years, all the way from London. First gaining information from Montina’s videos, then I watched a few of Daniel’s and now, how lovely to see them join their talents and skills. They are an inspiration. I wish them God’s blessings, fulfilment and favour in their ministry. They ‘do marriage’ very well. This is what love should look like.

    • Christine St. Vil

      Thank you Kesewa! I enjoyed being able to speak with them :)

  • Daniel Portis

    Great post thank you!

    • Christine St. Vil

      Thanks for sharing with us Daniel!

  • Amma

    I have and so far I’ve been consistent. I make a deposit every Monday morning and I like watching it grow. It’s my fun project for the year, and it’ll pay for a really nice vacation or something beginning of next year, God-willing.

  • Montina Portis

    Great article Christine! We are so grateful to God for how the 52 week financial challenge continues to grow and grow and grow years later! The people that have joined this journey are amazing and best of all SAVING! Thank you all so much for the spotlight! :)

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  • Guy

    Great article! There’s one typo on this page your link for says Udeemy. Just letting you know :)

    • Guy

      on page 4 is the Udeemy typo