Man Drops the N Bomb then Slaps Crying Toddler on Plane

BY: - 15 Feb '13 | On the Web

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We’ve discussed whether or not it is okay to discipline someone else’s child when they are acting out. There’s a video of a store clerk spanking a customer’s child and we’ve all given the side eye to bad kids in stores or even in our homes. This situation is a bit different though.

On February 8, onboard Delta Airlines Flight 721, 60 year old Joe Rickey Hundley demanded that a mother “shut that n***er baby up” before smacking the child with an open hand across the face. Hundley is being charged with simple assault, but denies the incident.

Thirty-three year old Jessica Bennett was sitting in the same row as Hundley with her adopted, 19-month-old son Jonah. As the plane began its descent to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Jonah began to cry due to the altitude change. Bennett tried to get her son to stop crying, but was unsuccessful. Hundley, who Bennett claims “reeked of alcohol”, yelled the racial slur before slapping her son, leaving a scratch under the child’s right eye.

Passengers who heard the derogatory remarks and witnessed the slap came to assist Bennett. This isn’t Hundley’s first brush with the law. He was arrested in 2007 for simple assault against his girlfriend, carrying a concealed weapon (a wine corkscrew), and public intoxication. He plead guilty to that incident. If charged for the simple assault against Jonah, Hundley faces a maximum sentence of one year in prison.


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  • Kesha of We Got Kidz

    I’m sorry, if a man laid his hands on my child I’M the one that would be going to jail. The thought… it’s just incomprehensible. A year is adequate punishment. Once the other inmates catch wind of his offense, they’ll dole out more punishment.

  • Kirstin (aka The Travelin Diva)

    I’m with Kesha! I’d be in central lock up running from Big Betty right about now cause I took care of his you know what! Another reason why I want my own jet service…

    • Anonymous

      We both would have gone to jail because they would still be trying to remove my size 8 foot from his behind. I too would have handed my child to the person sitting next to me and open up a 55 gal drum of whoop ass on him! He would never be able to do that to anyone else with no arms or hands. No one hits my children and get away with it!

  • Lady

    The headline definitely would’ve been different. “Angry Mom Strangles Airline Passenger with Seatbelt”
    The flight would not have made it unless some passengers restrained the crazy lady.
    My child would’ve had to go with daddy and I would’ve been booked in time for a dinner of bread and water.
    I’ve been in a situation where someone hurt my children. My reaction was less ladylike and more angry mama bear.
    Of course she did have to still protect her baby. How do you kill someone and protect the baby at the same time?

  • nikia

    I would have beat that a** to a bloody pulp. Real talk (clap my hands together)

  • Tanny

    Simply put, I would’ve politely handed my baby to the person I was seated next to and Proceeded to Whoop that man’s Ass!!! How dare he?!!! Ain’t that much bring drunk in the world!! If so, he would’ve have swiftly come outta that state of intoxication after I would’ve been done with him!!! No excuse for that nonsense!!!

  • Bridgette

    ok, i’m a christian, a wife, a mother of 2 and a flight attendant. I don’t condone violence, HOWEVER, I can bet you any amount of money I would have handled that myself. not sitting back “scared to death” as I heard her quote in a previous article. what amazed me even more than what this man did was the fact that he didn’t appear to have a bruise, cut, gash or scrape on his face once I saw his mug shot (maybe that was from his previous run in with the law). I can almost guarentee EVERYBODY on that aircraft, even the guys in the flight deck, would have heard him crying out to the Lord, or whoever he serves, to get me off him. my heart goes out to that baby, for obvious reasons AND because if your own mother can be paralyzed with such “fear” of a stanger abusing him, in front of her, waiting for others to come to her aid instead instinctively protecting him, what is to become of that child? what sort of protection can she provide?

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