New York Homeless Man Sues Parents

BY: - 22 Feb '13 | On the Web

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Many of us may feel like we didn’t get something from our parents. While most often our mothers and fathers, when present, did the best they could there are areas where they fell short. Being of the human species it’s very unlikely that we will do everything right. Parenthood is no exception to this. With our own children we raise them the best we know how and hope that they grow up to be contributing members of society. We hope that they will see that while we weren’t perfect we gave it — we gave them our all. And, if times continue to be anything like they are now we can also hope they won’t slap us with a lawsuit and a list of demands when they become adults.

That’s just what Bernard Anderson Bey did.  Although we don’t know what his upbringing was like, at the age of 32 he is suing his parents for neglect.

“A 32-year-old homeless man is suing his parents for neglect, demanding that they sell their tiny share of a Brooklyn house to finance two Domino’s Pizza stores, the New York Post reports. The franchises will provide a lifestyle upgrade, he reasoned. “I feel unloved and abandoned,” he told the Post.”

For more on this story visit The Huffington Post.

BMWK — Do you think there is ever grounds to sue your parents?


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  • Letrell manchand

    Foh. Man go kill yourself. People are pure idiots. That is all.

  • Me

    Gee, he’s black and expects something for nothing………..What a shock! LOL