What if You Had to Pick Between Safety and Independence?

BY: - 19 Feb '13 | On the Web

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What if you had to pick between keeping your child safe and allowing them to experience some degree of independence? Chances are you already do. In a world in which the death of our children [sadly] holds some level of normalcy, it is hard to imagine a reality in which black children truly have both on a day-to-day basis.

As eloquently stated by Danielle C. Belton of Clutch Magazine:

As black people we are forced to “adapt” to our possible demise being something “ordinary.” We try to cope the best way we can, repeating that we will not allow ourselves or those we love to become that most dreaded thing no black person wants to ever be. A statistic.

We make many choices out of fear for what could happen and out of our desire to keep our children safe. They may not be able to do many things that others their age do because with our children the risk of something happening is oftentimes far greater. For more on this visit Clutch Magazine.

BMWK — Do you feel that as black people we often have to choose between keeping our children safe and giving them some independence?


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