Would You Date a Person You Wouldn’t Settle Down With?

BY: - 22 Feb '13 | Marriage

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black couple on date

Trying to find the right person can sometimes feel exhausting, especially if you are ready to settle down. But if you haven’t met Mr. or Mrs. Right do you settle for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now? How many of us have dated someone that we knew we didn’t have a future with for the sake of not being alone?

“The ironic thing is, I made a vow at the beginning of the year not to date anyone else that I’m not really that into just for the sake of avoiding a “single” status. I realized that, in doing so, I wasn’t allowing myself the opportunity to grow personally and I was making myself unavailable for someone who was right for me.”

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BMWK — Would you date someone you wouldn’t settle down with?


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  • Anonymous

    I thought that was the point of dating to see if you would settle down for that person

  • jack girl

    I believe you should be friends before. so if you meet someone and you realize in the friendship/ early relationship stage you wont settle with this person, then you still have a friend and you did not waste your time. you learn even more about youself too.