Would You Go on Vacation Without Your Spouse?

BY: - 21 Feb '13 | On the Web

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Photo Credit: epSos de via Flickr

Photo Credit: epSos de via Flickr

These days simply going to Target alone is an adventure all on its own. I honestly can’t imagine going on a vacation without my husband let alone our children. For me my greatest adventures are the ones that I share with them.

While I am very much aware that I could use some “me time,” I would gladly take it in the form of an afternoon spent at the spa or curled up in bed reading. Even so, for some couples, such as The President and The First Lady the idea of a solo vacation is not far-fetched.

“While the first lady and her daughters jetted to the ski mecca of Aspen, Colorado over Presidents’ Day weekend, President Obama spent the same period golfing with Tiger Woods in Palm Beach, Florida.”

A poll conducted by Tripadvisor found that “59 percent of site visitors report having taken a vacation separate from their significant other.”

The saying is “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” So, perhaps this also applies to the vacationing heart. Although many see time spent away from your spouse as an indicator of trouble, this isn’t always the case. For more on this visit The Grio.

BMWK — Would you go on a vacation without your spouse?

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14 WordPress comments on “Would You Go on Vacation Without Your Spouse?

  1. Cheryl

    Nope! I enjoy the occasional spa day alone, but for a vacation, two is definitely better than one. I have not yet tried to vacation without my children, but I am willing to give that a go.

  2. Kirstin (aka The Travelin Diva)

    I agree! Family = unit and the family unit shall vacation together. It would drive a wedge into the relationship (for me). I’d feel like something was wrong with me, my spouse doesn’t want to spend time with me on a vacation. That’s a problem (for me anyway).

  3. kim

    My sister and I went to the DR for a week after our father died last year. My oldest son went to Italy with his cousin. Then our entire family spent a week together on an island for family vacation. For my family we refuel and recharge when it is necesarry for each individual. However we definitely set aside time for us to get away as a unit to reconnect and have fun away from the everyday hustle and bustle. BTW, I love when my husband takes the children out of town for the weekend. I love them and bond with them everyday so I feel no guilt about that free weekend. Long uninterruptef bubble baths, sleeping late, spa day! Go ahead without me, I will catch you next trip! 🙂

  4. Connie Walker

    I am married to a wonderful husband. I just won a trip thru our home base business (SCENTSY wickless candles ) no expense for me to go for 7 days. I will have to pay for my husband to go. If we can’t afford it, then I wont be going. We very seldom do anything apart. We eat lunch together almost daily. Maybe to go visit a family member sometimes since we both live so far from both of our families which is Never a real vacation, my answer is Nope I cannot there is no real enjoyment without the one you enjoy the most.

  5. Theresa Davis

    we have known each other for 40 yrs and married for 37…..but we are not siamese twins LOL we enjoy time together and time apart (i take a girls trip every yr. My daughters, nieces, grandaughter….we have a ball) i love my sister in laws and we try to have, “sister’s” week end when we can, we Laugh the entire time. My Husband i make sure we take a vacation every summer and wk.ends trips through out the yr. Celebrate Life….while you can, when u can ..Do what makes you Happy 🙂

  6. Christine

    I have gone on vacation without my husband before (traveled with my sisters to St. Maarten…but may not have really counted since we were paid performing artists lol), and I’ll be traveling to Italy this year with my church choir. Although I always love vacationing with him and the children, I don’t think it hinders our family unit when I’m not with them. Now that the kids are a little older, we’ll be doing annual family getaways as well as mini-getaways with just the two of us. But I also don’t see anything wrong with girls’/guys getaways 😉

  7. Keawona Hawkins

    If you and your spouse have that trust in each other then I see no problem with taking vacations apart. As long as its not being taking advantage of. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury in my marriage to trust my spouse enough.

  8. E. Orr

    I would vacation without my husband. I like to travel more than he does and there are a few places on my list that just don’t interest him. I went to Australia w/o him shortly before we married. He had no interest in going Yep I missed him and sent him mail from Down Under but I would go again in a heartbeat.

  9. Maria

    Yes, I would go on a vacation without my spouse. Did it last year when I went to NY for 6 days. I had a blast! I missed my kids a whole bunch but I needed that break! I would’nt mind if my Mr. went on a vacation by himself either. We got pregnant quick and we were young so we didn’t get a chance to travel.

  10. jay

    My four kids and wife of 15 years went on vacation this week. Now I really didn’t mind it. I knew it was going to happen. However, my mother found out that she was having open heart surgery smack in the middle of their vacation. My wife is very family oriented and I expected her to drop the vacation to be with me and my mother. But, she didn’t. She did tell me she would if I asked her. I felt it was not my place to do so though. We have never done anything apart, since family is very important to us. And today, is my mother’s surgery and it is hitting me hard without my other half. Am I being selfish. Am I missing the part where I should have just told her stay home? Advice…

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