App Helps Trace Calls But Does it Send the Wrong Message to Your Spouse?

BY: - 15 Mar '13 | On the Web

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Curious about that number that keeps popping up on your spouse’s cell phone? Apparently, much like everything else you can think of, there’s an app for that.  Privacy Star is marketed as a mobile security app that can assist you with your telemarketer woes but apparently is much more than that. It might help you find out what your spouse is up to.

“With just two clicks, you’ll have access to the name and location associated with the number. The software performs daily “smart searches” to map data so most frequently used “telemarketers” or “bill collectors” will pop right up when searched. The app will also help you block the numbers, report them as “spam” or file an FTC complaint. Apps like PrivacyStar are hotter than ever and you see many of them dominating download charts. Other popular picks with similar features include Mr. Number, Number Guru and TrueCaller.”

When used for investigating your spouse’s actions, apps like this pose a bigger question — Do you trust the person you are committed to? Although for some couples going through each other’s phone, email, and social media accounts is a normal occurrence for others it is a breech of privacy and suggests a lack of trust. For more on this visit Essence.

BMWK — What are your thoughts on this? Does having this kind of app send the wrong message to your spouse?


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