Couples Spotlight: Anjuan & Aneika Simmons

BY: - 6 Mar '13 | Couple's Spotlight

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If for any minute you doubt that there are truly happily married people out there, here is yet another beautiful couple to inspire you in your own marriage (or future marriage). Anjuan and Aneika met in college at the University of Texas at Austin. He studied Electrical Engineering, and she studied Management Information Systems. Although their college romance ended up not working out and they lost touch for a couple of years, as fate would have it, they both ended up in Houston. Today, Anjuan works as a Technology Consultant with an MBA, and Aneika, who earned her PhD, works as a college professor and teaches Business. They have three kids, ages 7, 5, and 4, and are passionate about being a positive advocate for married couples. Their story is a true testament of their faith and trust in God.

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  • BrothaTech

    Good to learn more about Anjuan’s other half. Even better to continue to support happy couples that I actually know.

  • Lamar Tyler

    Thanks for sharing your lives with our BMWK family. Thank God that the two of you connected again in Houston :-)

  • CB

    I truly enjoyed reading this, it gave me hope and a bit more understanding of what to expect when my time comes. Please keep doing articles like this!

    • Christine St. Vil

      Thank you for sharing here CB! We will definitely keep them coming and enjoy learning about these couples as well :)

  • Anjuan Simmons

    @BrothaTech She’s my other and better half! And thak you!

    @Lamar: Amen, brother! :-)

    @CB: I’ve always enjoyed the BMWK Couples Spotlight (even before I was featured in one), and I agree that they are great!

    • Christine St. Vil

      Thanks again Anjuan to you and Aneika for sharing your lives with us! You two have a beautiful marriage and will inspire many others.

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