Do Nice Guys Still Finish Last?

BY: - 7 Mar '13 | Marriage

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How many of us have had a crush on the “bad boy?” There was something about him (besides the fact that your mother and/or father hated him). He was mysterious, a risk taker, and a master of words. We would find ourselves hanging on to every one of them. He was also usually a jerk and forget heartthrob, he was a heartbreaker.

And then somewhere along the road something clicked. You realized that he wasn’t worth your tears or your time. The allure of mystery faded as you learned what he was all about. Most likely it wasn’t you. And his words — well eventually he would have to eat them. Why? Because you grew up and you realized that dating “bad boys” was a bad idea. You decided that you wanted a nice guy. A guy with all the qualities you often overlooked in your younger days. The guy you brushed off because he was too sweet or not tough enough but made the perfect friend. The guy who could be found praising the Lord during Sunday morning worship and was not well versed when it came to good pick up lines. The guy who was more focused on taking care of you than you taking care of him. The guy who knew a lady and a good thing when he saw one. The “nice guy.”

A 2009 article from Clutch Magazine asks, “What’s wrong with the nice guy?” These days I can tell you there is absolutely nothing wrong with the nice guy. Ok, so he — the nice guy — drives me crazy from time to time but that’s part of being in a relationship. My husband is known for being a “nice guy” and while he is far from perfect (as am I), he is both what I want and what I need. And those bad boys? All of them prepared me for him. They helped me to see what I deserved, what I should and shouldn’t accept, and to be grateful for a man who is strong yet sweet. A man who in my opinion finished first and by marrying him I did too.

BMWK — Did you used to have a thing for bad boys? When did that change? Did you marry a “nice guy?”

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