Speak Resurrection into Your Life and Relationships So They Will Live and Not Die

BY: - 26 Mar '13 | Faith

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Easter is upon us. I have to admit that I love this season and its traditions. However, more important than new clothes, delicious feasts, and candied eggs, is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many people consider Resurrection (Easter) Sunday to be the holiest day in the Christian year. It is the day that believers in Jesus Christ celebrate their risen Lord and Savior. But, I venture to say, we shouldn’t think about resurrection one day out of the year. What about the other 364 days? What about the areas of our lives that could use a resurrection too?

Resurrection is about new life. A second chance. Have you experienced a time in your life or marriage where love and purpose seemed dead? Where you thought nothing good would ever live again? Whether single or married, you don’t have to go out like that. The Resurrection Experience of Jesus gives me hope, and maybe even you too, that a similar type of resurrection is possible in our daily living. By no means am I comparing the risen Savior to a loveless marriage. What I am saying is there is hope!  Resurrection, or new life, is possible for you.

Not only do I believe in a resurrected marriage, I’ve experienced it. After marrying young and struggling to find ourselves, my husband and I went through a really rough period: seemingly dead love, dead intimacy, and dead dreams. If our marriage was going to live and not die, we had to make some tough decisions.

Believe in and work toward a resurrection.

So, we went to counseling. We bared our souls. We spoke the truth. We cried and screamed and prayed and talked until the spirit of death fled our home. Looking back, we could blame it on age, but that wouldn’t do any good. From what I understand, couples who have been married 20+ years still go through resurrection phases. At some point, your marriage will need new life. It’s not anything to fear; it’s something in which to look forward.

Since our marital resurrection, we have more togetherness, more joy, more understanding, and more intimacy. If it had not been for a near death experience, we wouldn’t be walking in our purpose together as a couple now.

Maybe you aren’t married but you are carrying around some dead stuff in your life. Dead self-esteem. Dead dreams. Dead hopes. Dead faith. Dead purpose. Dead friendships. Resurrection is possible for you too. Matter of fact, you want to start experiencing new life in those areas before you get into a serious relationship or marriage. Dead + Dead = Dead.

If you celebrate Resurrection Sunday as a part of the Christian faith, I encourage you to consider what resurrection means in the context of your daily life. Do some serious soul-searching and focused prayer about the dead areas in your life.  Sit down and discuss the Resurrection Story with your spouse, and then make a game plan. Maybe it’s the dreams you shared as newlyweds. Maybe it’s kissing and holding each other while you fall asleep. Maybe it’s family dinner time and heartfelt communication. There’s nothing too dead for God. Resurrection is possible to those who believe and put their faith into action.

BMWK — Have you experienced a resurrection in an area in your life? Please share to encourage others. Also, if you would like prayer for resurrection (whether single or married), I would love to pray for you during this season?

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4 WordPress comments on “Speak Resurrection into Your Life and Relationships So They Will Live and Not Die

  1. Nicole

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing this. You have no idea how much I needed this, but that’s just my God. He works in funny ways! I prayed this prayer for resurrection in my relationship this morning believing that the God who rose Lazarus from the dead and who triumphed over death can bring my relationship back to life. I’m trusting in Him and I’m already seeing signs of life. Thanks again, and God bless you greatly!

  2. malta

    Its so true there are times when we go through dead seasons in marriage but no one wants to talk about it and it good to know that there is hope in Jesus and that he can rescue our dead marriages. Marriage is a constant marathon that to get to the finish line you have to take it step by step.

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