Love Lessons For My Daughter

BY: - 1 Mar '13 | Parenting

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Love Lessons

I learned a lot about love from my father. He didn’t lecture me. As a matter of fact, he didn’t say much about the subject. Instead, he taught my sister and I love lessons through his actions. He adored my mother. Still does. He bends over backwards to keep a smile on her face. She does the same in return. But he always says he loves her more and that women should find a man who loves her just a tiny bit more. He respects her, cherishes her and praises her. Even when he doesn’t like her, he tolerates her. That’s the biggest take away. When I was heartbroken and lonely, my father taught me the biggest lesson on love. He said love isn’t about all the things you like about the other person. It’s about what you don’t like. Can you tolerate their flaws and weaknesses? If so, you will remain with that person even when times are tough.

I wanted to know what my friend’s are teaching their daughters about love, so I reached out to about a dozen dads to find out.

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