VIDEO: 8-year-old Child Handcuffed for Throwing a Tantrum at School

BY: - 8 Mar '13 | On the Web

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Image and Video Credit: NBC News

Image and Video Credit: NBC News

Yesterday an 8-year-old Alton, Illinois special needs student was handcuffed by the police after throwing a tantrum while at school. The child ended up being placed into custody and was picked up from the police station by her uncle who is also her guardian. As reported by the child has a history of anxiety, and separation problems. According to her uncle, while she has been restrained by teachers in the past, this was the first time the police were involved. As for the school and law enforcement, they are standing behind their decision to handcuff the child.

“As a last resort we sometime have to involve law enforcement,” said Alton Schools Assistant Superintendent Kristi Baumgartner, “They take the student into protective custody when the parent refuses to pick up the child.”

Take a look at the NBC News Video below:

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BMWK — Do you think it was wrong for law enforcement to be called? Should an 8-year-old ever be handcuffed?


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  • nikia

    My guess is that she has very dangerous behaviors and outbursts. Teachers are being burdened by larger classrooms, lack of monetary support from districts and low funding, cuts in special needs programs, AND lack of involvement from some parents. Their hands are tied. One disruptive child shouldn’t take time and education from other students who are able and willing to learn. There needs to be some intervention at home, and the school and guardians need to be proactive about these kids. Teachers are teachers, not babysitters or parents.


    Its hard to speak on something unless you are actually there or have been in a similar sitiuation. I have worked in elementary ed for 15 years. I have seen children explide. When they do, for whatever reason, an intervention must be done for her protection…and others. Yes. I have seen kindergarteners become upset and throw chairs. Attack others etc. Physically restraining them in front of 24 other kids is exhausting and unsafe. I wish there was better for tchrs to deal with the vast array of emotional problems and support from thw community when extreme measurea are taken to protect everyone

  • RockSolidSigma

    I understand the need to control children that can be “potentially violent” to promote safety and as a way to prevent classroom disruption. I say this with a high level of sarcasm due to the child’s age. Where are the teachers and administrators that could handle such situations? Furthermore, no one is taking aim at what happened here. An 8 year old child was put into handcuffs….What kind of message does this send to the student as well as his/her peers. Children are taught that “bad guys” goto jail thus undergoing the handcuffing and transport to custody procedure; they did this to a child….a SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD people! I have a question for you all; Why were the cops UNABLE to detain her without the use of handcuffs?(remember that SHE is EIGHT years old) Why weren’t the cops able to to hold her in custody in a room at school? What kind of administration/teacher would allow this to happen to a student? Excuse my criticisms, but I expect more from the education system. Their laziness has possibly traumatized an 8 year old girl. She wasn’t engaging in any criminal activity prior to the intervention of the police. She is a special needs student so IF(and I say this candidly because again she is 8 and most likely was terrified) she resisted, it wasn’t with malicious or disorderly intent. …Excessive force…

  • John Glover Speaks

    I see this issue as a 3 sided coin.
    First it’s a shame that the young lady would behave in the manner in which she did. It says a lot about her home life and what she’s able to get away with or dictate in the household.
    Secondly I say that mom and dad give to give her some tough love and do a better job of teaching her how to act in public and with authority figures.
    Third, the schools and teachers effectiveness have been taken away when paddling was removed.
    We need to do better about teaching our kids how to be respectful.

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