VIDEO: Couple Goes Public About a Homeless Man’s Good Deed and Change His Life

BY: - 26 Mar '13 | On the Web

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Image and Video Credit: TODAY via theGrio

The story about a homeless man who opted not to sell the diamond ring dropped in his change cup is warming hearts across the nation. Billy Ray Harris of Missouri returned a diamond ring that fell off the hand of a woman who had given him change. Despite being offered $4,000 when he showed it a jeweler Harris decided to do what was right. In turn what he has gotten far exceeds the $4,000 lump sum he would have been given. As reported by TODAY and featured on The Huffington Post, Harris was reunited with his family on the show.

Harris captured the hearts of readers in February soon after Darling and her husband, Bill Krejci, went public with his good deed. They launched a fundraiser to show their gratitude and it has since collected more than $187,000.
“Watching you on the news the other day brought tears to my eyes because I thought of what so many others would have done,” Volanda Shields, a donor who gave $1,000, wrote on Harris’ GiveForward page.

Take a look at the video below:

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Today Harris has a home, a job, and now he has his family back. For more on this story visit The Huffington Post.

BMWK — Do you think most people would not have done what Harris did?


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