VIDEO: Student Shot After Leaving School Due to Dispute With Staff Member

BY: - 26 Mar '13 | On the Web

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Image and Video Credit: NBC via theGrio

A New York student plans to sue the Department of Education due to him being shot following a dispute with one of the staff members at his school over bathroom privileges. Maurice Jones, a student at Brownwood Preparatory Academy, encountered “harassment” by a secretary who held the key to the restroom. Jones’ multiple sclerosis treatment caused him to experience incontinence making bathroom trips frequent for him. After what was described as an outburst during which he threw a bag of cookies he was suspended.

According to theGrio article, his suspension was overturned at a hearing with the Department of Education and he was permitted to return to school. However after asking for the key to use the restroom he was told by the secretary that she would call security if he didn’t leave, as he was not supposed to be at the school.

Jones said he wanted to avoid another altercation with the secretary, so he left the school and was walking along White Plains Blvd near 228th street when a bullet struck his abdomen.
“I was walking down the street. I didn’t even know what happened,” said Jones. “Crossfire.”

Police were able to confirm that the bullet was not intended for Jones who is now “fighting paralysis.” Take a look at the video below:

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BMWK — What are your thoughts on this unfortunate incident? Should Jones be suing the Department of Education?


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