5 Ways to Make Her Happy to Come Home

BY: - 29 May '13 | Best of BMWK

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Life for a woman can be rough. There is so much negativity in the world and we need to create more sources of positivity to offset that. One place a woman hopes to get some of the good stuff is in her relationship and in her home. She desires for it to be a place to escape from the nonsense and receive the peace and love she needs. As men and husbands there are some things we can do to make this dream a reality.

Click below to see 5 ways to make her happy to come home.  And then let us know what your spouse does to make you feel appreciated and happy to come home.

1. Show her you are happy to see her.

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Have you ever come home to be greeted with a big hug and kiss? It feels good doesn't it? Well that is a feeling you should provide your wife on a consistent basis. Show her love and pour positive energy into her when she walks through that door. Let her know you missed her and you are happy to see her. Give her some attention and don't make it about sex. Taking these actions will create an environment that a woman wants to rush home to.

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15 WordPress comments on “5 Ways to Make Her Happy to Come Home

  1. Mrs. Jones

    This is a breath of fresh air, and I absolutely love these five points. I will surely pass this article on to all my married friends and family !!!!

      1. KG

        So for some reason I could only read the ffirst two. To give her a welcome home hug and kiss just create a place of welcome. 2 was to show interest in her day… NOW Its all in how you do things with some women. Im not married but some women don’t respond to that well at all and I don’t mean when their just on their cycle. Sometimes they haven’t been accustomed to that… Or now a days some young women don’t seem to take a man serious when he tries that or seem to understand, go with the flow, or accept the love. Any suggestions??? ( this is speaking for only me and all who’ve witnessed this

  2. Olaboyede Paul

    Sincerely,this is a master piece. I enjoyed the bits of every info expounded here.
    God be with you,dear sis.
    But,how about if one’s wife aint seeing things the way you do? I mean,what can be done if one’s wife seems to believe she could handle her life alone,regardless of the fact that she’s supposed to be married to one? If she returns from the office,and is welcomed with a warm smile,and perhaps hug but displys a face that spells the day wasnt so good in the office…as the husband,she’s asked to share the day but she says “you cant understand”. Who else is to understand if not the husband? Can you help with this?

    1. Stephan Labossiere

      Thank you Olaboyede I’m glad you enjoyed the article. In regards to one’s wife believing she can handle things on her own that may stem from her struggling with allowing herself to be vulnerable with her husband and rely on him. It may be due to past experiences with him or before him. This has to be addressed through a loving and calm discussion which includes the husband being open to understanding how he may have contributed to the issue at some point. She will also need to embrace forgiving those that have let her down and hurt her in order for her to be able to move in a more positive direction. This would be pretty much the same advice for addressing her feeling that the husband “doesn’t understand”. He has to show her that he is willing to discuss what he can improve upon to make her feel more comfortable opening up. He has to approach this with love and an open mind. These things should help but if the issue persists then the assistance of a third party may be best to get things moving.

  3. Tanya

    Great article! When you’ve been married for a while, you can become complacent. Although I may not always express it, I am so appreciative of my husband. He gets home earlier, so he always has the house straightened, he greets me with a smile, and he gives me a break when I get home by caring for our toddler…just to give me some down time. In the busyness of everyday life, it’s these things that make a difference in your marriage!

  4. Henry Wheeler

    Thank you for the infomation,i have become more attentive to my Wife needs and make dinner for her and have a glass of wine and a bubble bath waiting on her i Love my Wife Dinita Wheeler

  5. Claudette

    Great article – Stephan! All 5 of these points would make a definite positive impact on a husband or wife’s day especially if one has a commute on top of the long hours at the office. Thanks for sharing

  6. Shade Odeinde

    AMEN Stephan! Interestingly, reading this article felt a bit ‘strange’ – usually because I am used to seeing articles that talk to how women should make the home comfortable for the man to come home to. I haven’t seen many that (publicly) talks on how MEN can make the home more comfortable for HER.

    This fact has always concerned me because I believe it sent a sub-conscious message that they (men) and their needs were somehow MORE important than that of women. It wouldn’t surprise me that some men actually believe this to be the case and may be in a little bit of ‘shock’ (or surprise) to hear that THEY can and need to do something to make a home comfortable for HER! Thanks Stephan for speaking out and for your desire to see relationships in general blossom!

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