Car-Posting; One More Reason that Minivans are Cool

BY: - 23 May '13 | Products

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We’ve been debating on this site, for years now, on whether minivans are cool or not. And what I’ve found, is that there are some serious haters out there (people that are not cool enough to pull off driving a minivan so therefore they claim to hate all minivans and minivan drivers.)

Recently, I’ve discovered another use for my minivan that will further prove that they are by far the best vehicle for the modern day family. I went to back row ( I don’t go back there very often) and low and behold I discovered that my daughter had turned it into an environmentally friendly car-posting station. The Clorox® Ick-tionary,, defines Car Posting as a moldy piece of food left in a car that literally starts to compost. There were banana peels and apple cores and a variety of wrappers back there that all were starting to decompose. And I’m sure my sweet daughter was not just being a slob….I am quite sure she had the environment in mind when she left that trash back there.

If we were in a regular car, those items would have been discovered and disposed of right away. But once again, the roominess of the minivan made it possible for my daughter to pull off this philanthropic endeavor. I could not smell a thing (or perhaps I was too used to the smell , but a visitor to the van would immediately cover their nose.)

Take it from one of the coolest families in America, minivans are cool (as long as you keep a pack of Clorox Disinfecting wipes with you at all times…lol.)

Go out to the Clorox Ick-tionary,, and check out all of the hilarious terms that they have defined for life’s everyday icky situations. And then let me know below which ones you can relate to.  Also, let me know if minivans are cool or lame?

Check out how I am tracking life’s Icky moments on Pinterest:

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This post is brought to you by The Clorox Company.  I have partnered with them to spread the word about Clorox’s Ick-tionary program. To share Ick-tionary terms and real life messes, visit [].  All opinions and stories are my own. Official Sweepstakes Rules

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