10 Love Songs That’ll Make You Take Him for a Spin on the Dance Floor, or Roll Around on the Bedroom Floor

BY: - 5 Jun '13 | Marriage

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I was listening to my iTunes on shuffle the other day and a bunch of love songs happened to play all around the same time, which is unusual. Since I was driving, normally, I would fast forward through the slow songs. But this time, I let them play they made me reminisce on the years past with my boo thang. These songs then had me daydreaming about taking him for a spin on the dance floor…or around the bedroom floor, whichever comes first. So I thought I’d share some of those love songs with you.

Rest of Our Lives by Jeffrey Osbourne

(I honestly had never heard this song until 8 years ago, when my husband told me we should have it as our wedding song. Who was I to argue?).


I’m in love with you
I know you feel exactly like I do
Why don’t we plans our futures (now)
We have been so blessed
And we could share a life of happiness
If you would just say, yes


Would you take my hand and say ‘I do”
I willl promise to take care of you
And together we will hope-fullly
Be in love for the Rest of our Lives, oohh

And when the time arrives,
I’l be standing firmly at your side
Until the day I die
My love,
When we take our vows
Our families and friends will be so proud
As tears our joy come tumbling down


A Blessed Day
Will always be great from this moment on
We’ll take that kiss
That kiss that turns two hearts into one
And with my ring upon your finger
Shinning so bright,
We both will smile walk down the isle
Husband and wife



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    Dont you just love listening to songs you have not listened to for years.