3 Things Fathers Overlook With Their Daughters

BY: - 26 Jun '13 | Parenting

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To the men that have embraced their responsibilities and are in the lives of their children I applaud you. At a time where many have fallen short in this regard you have taken the path that a true man should take.  This should always be acknowledged but there is always room for improvement.

I recently spoke at a Young Women’s Conference and it was a great experience. I enjoyed the interaction with all the women that participated and it reminded me of the importance for many to have a positive male influence in their lives.

For all the fathers out there and even the men who have yet to have kids; these principles should be embraced to create a better relationship with the special women in your life.

Many of you are in your daughter’s life but are you truly giving her what she needs. Sometimes a person can overlook the “little things” but in reality these are essential principles to implement when trying to provide the best for your daughter.

1. She Needs Your Attention

Young daughters are simply women in training. Therefore, they have some of the same emotional needs that a father should be mindful of. Many times men overlook the need to take the extra step of interacting with their daughter.

I mean it’s great that your presence is seen but is your presence being felt? Are you showing a genuine interest in your daughter’s life? Are you making time to connect with her and express your love through quality time? These things are important to any woman and her being a young woman doesn’t change that.

2. You Should Make Her Feel Comfortable Talking To You

It’s great if you’re providing for your daughter and protecting her like a good father should. You may have her respect, but ask yourself are you truly connecting with your daughter. Are you creating an environment that she can come to you for guidance or has a wall been built that keeps her from opening up to you?


It is wise to create an environment where your daughter feels she can talk to you. It decreases the chances of her seeking answers from people who may lead her down the wrong path. There will be an opportunity to properly address and resolve any existing issues when she can feel that coming to her father is a viable option.

Not to mention it will increase the bond you have with her and provide her the love she needs. When you eliminate that void, you help decrease the likelihood that she will seek out the wrong men and take the wrong actions in an attempt to gain fulfillment.

3. Set The Example For The Type Of Man She Deserves to Be With

As a father you should desire for your daughter to be with a good man who can be there for her like she deserves. If you want to increase the chances of this happening, you should ask yourself are you being that good man to her mother and in general.

It doesn’t matter if you and her mother are together or not. You have to set an example of respect and love that shows your daughter what she should be looking for. Your actions can either push a negative view of men or a positive one.

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It can have a direct effect on the quality of man your daughter allows herself to be with and hold on to. So be mindful of what example you are setting. Do some self evaluation and be the type of guy one would hope your daughter ends up with.

Nobody is perfect but we should always strive to be better. For all the fathers out there and even the men who have yet to have kids; these principles should be embraced to create a better relationship with the special women in your life.

Your daughter needs it and your significant other needs this from you as well. Being there for them is great, but truly connecting with them will provide a love that everyone involved will benefit from.

BMWK – what things do you do to ensure you stay connected with your daughters? 


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  • Leah Wilcox

    Thank you for all you r doing to all men embrace their children

    • http://www.StephanSpeaks.com Healthy Relationships

      My pleasure Leah : )

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  • lyn

    This is so true. Personally I have tried to inform men the importance of being involved in their daughters. However,I do not believe the information is being received well but challenged. I have been told “the children will know and appreciate me more once they become older”.

    • sarah

      I have heard that 100’s of times from my kids father. He has no idea the example he has on his daughters. I always tell him “if your girls found someone and he does to them what you do to me, you would kill somebody”