7 Reasons I Love the New BMWK, and You Will Too!

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Last week, the brand new BMWK site and experience launched.  BMWK has always been amazing, but the new experience and redesign takes it to a whole ‘nother level!

Take a look, and more!

Now, let me put my disclaimer out here.  Yes, I am one of the writer’s here on the site, but I am a reader first.  As a writer, I look at a lot of blogs and websites.  I look at them.  As a reader, I read a few sites that help me grow the most.

BMWK is one of those sites which gets more than a look from me.  I actually read the content, I subscribe to receive the updates, I take advantage of their resources, and I engage in the conversation.

The new BMWK has so much to love

With this new look, the reading and the experience is even better.  I absolutely love it!  Lamar and Ronnie have out done themselves in their quest to share a positive image of marriage and family.  All while providing tools and resources to help you build better relationships.

There are many reasons I love the new BMWK.  For this post I’ve narrowed my list down to 7 reasons.  Check out my 7 reasons I love the new BMWK, and you will too!

  1. FREE 8-part video series!  I have watched the first few videos so far, and all I can say is WOW!  The 8-part video series, Discovering the Secret to Unbreakable Relationships, is something everyone should see who wants unbreakable relationships.  Whether single, dating, or married it will be a blessing to your relationship. You can sign up here
  2. BMWK Store!  Not only are BMWK’s films available in the store, but so are resources from some of the top authorities on marriage, and relationships.  If you are ready to take your relationship to another level, you have to check out the store.  You are sure to find something to help you.
  3. It just looks good!  The site is very pleasing to the eye.  The color scheme is great!  The images of great looking couples, kids, and families show what isn’t always represented in other media outlets.  When I look at it I say to myself, “this is me and my family, this represents me well, I am proud to be a part of this community as a reader, and writer.
  4. Easy to navigate!  The design of this site makes it very easy to find what you are looking for.  If you are looking for a specific category, just click the thumbnail.  Searching for something more specific?  The search bar is always near.  Want to sign up so you don’t miss anything?  Every post will allow you to sign up when finished reading.  The reader was definitely in mind with this design.
  5. Great author pages!  Have you found a connection with the experiences of a particular author.  Do you relate to them?  BMWK has made it easy for you to view a list of all their articles, as well as connect with them on their own blogging platform and social media pages.  In addition, BMWK has added more great authors to contribute to the valuable content already being created daily.  If you are a writer you can even submit an article to be published on BMWK.
  6. The BMWK App!  The app takes the experience mobile.  It gives you access to all of BMWK in your hand at all times.  Articles, events, a photo gallery, and so much more.  One really nice featuring is the image gallery of various families and couples.  You can even leave a message, or submit your best date night pics.
  7. Your relationship will be better!  My marriage has been blessed since I found BMWK.  There have been so many articles  and resources which have blessed me.  Even in writing some of the articles I’ve had to dig deep into my marriage.  If a better relationship is what you desire, BMWK has something to help.  BMWK will continue to provide the resources, encouragement, and positive image.  Your job is to put it into action in your relationships.

The new BMWK is more than a website, or a blog.  It is an experience.  An experience intended to show the positive image of marriage and family we know exists in our communities.  An experience intended to provide resources to help your relationships where you need it most.

In doing so, you can see why BMWK is “the web’s most popular destination for guidance on African American marriage and parenting.”  And I love it!

Question: What do you love about BMWK?  If BMWK has helped you in some way, take a minute to share in the comment section below.

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