Father and Son Road Trip Ideas

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Father and son bonding is an important part of a young man’s development. Having some time to yourselves provides an opportunity to impart advice that you’ve gained through life experiences. Road trips are a great way to facilitate these conversations while enjoying both the journey and destination of the trip together. Here are a few ideas for father and son road trips.

  • Sports games – While you probably have a favorite local sports team that you enjoy watching in their home stadium, consider driving to an away game. Planning a road trip to see an away game not only allows you to support your team, but also you’ll have a new city to explore together.
  • History road trip – If you both enjoy history, plan a road trip around famous events that interest you. Road trip destinations in the West can include frontier mining towns like Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota, while the Eastern United States is home to historic Civil and Revolutionary War battle sites.
  • Camping – Nothing says father/son bonding quite like the great outdoors. Camping provides the peace and quiet that’s so important when spending quality time together, and provides the opportunity for a father to teach his son outdoor skills like how to start a fire and how to pitch a tent. Make the excursion into a road trip by choosing a camping site farther away from home. Look for national forests instead of family campgrounds for a more rustic experience.
  • Classic road trip destinations – Classic road trip destinations include the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, the redwood forests of California and Yellowstone Park. Many landmark sites across the country can turn into a trip you’ll remember for years. These are a handful of essential places to visit in the United States, so if there are some you’ve never been to, plan a few road trips to check them off your list.

No matter where you go on your father and son road trip, make sure you properly prepare. Check your automobile insurance policy for the coverage you may need on the trip, including a roadside assistance and collision insurance coverage. It’s also a good idea to get a thorough auto inspection before heading out to catch potential mechanical problems before they delay your road trip.

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