Five Free Dates That Don’t Come Off as Cheap

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Dating is expensive, especially for men who pick up the tab the majority of the time. They fill their stomachs and empty their wallets at dinner.  And they shell out more money at the movies than the cost of the actual DVD released not long after the premier. The money spent is often an investment in getting to know someone but the bills can rack up and even bury the person in debt. Don’t get me wrong.  I love being wined and dined, but I also know that today’s economy calls for some creativity. And the word free doesn’t always mean frugal.

BMWK – Here are five free dates that don’t come off as cheap. What fun, free date idea would you add to the list? Are any of these dates appropriate for a first date…or would you think it was cheap?

Watch a Movie by Moonlight

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Many cities, such as Pittsburgh, put a cinema under the stars in the summer at public parks. Couples can pack a picnic basket, spread out a blanket and watch their favorite flicks.

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7 WordPress comments on “Five Free Dates That Don’t Come Off as Cheap


    The most of what u have showed us helps us get to know each other faster an better gives us somethings to think about when we are ask out on a dated.An to me it would be fun not expensive.

  2. Lorraine

    Great ideas for wonderful dates for me and my hubby. I like doing things that are fun and new, so often I am dragging him along and then next thing you know he is having fun.

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