VIDEO: Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade, Rapper Lecrae, and President Obama Working to Restore Fatherhood in America

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Father’s Day is here.  It is the one time of the year where the focus is on showing dad some love.  Much has been said about the important role a father plays in his children’s lives, and how important it is to have more engaged fathers.

Restoring America’s Commitment to Fatherhood

President Obama’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative was created with the goal of encouraging fathers to be involved in their kids’ lives.  One organization is striving to keep the momentum of this initiative going with a challenge, and some celebrity help. was created with one goal in mind: restoring america’s commitment to fatherhood.

Leading the way in restoring fatherhood

Two founding collaborators of the “This is fatherhood campaign” are NBA player, and Miami Heat star, Dwyane Wade, and Grammy winning rap artist, Lecrae.  Both understand the importance of engaged fathers.

Lecrae grew up not knowing his father, and knows firsthand the challenges that come with that.  Wade recently fought to gain custody of his kids after going through a divorce.  Both of them are very active in their kids’s lives.

The Fatherhood Challenge

The “This is fatherhood campaign” kicked off this year with the 2013 Fatherhood Challenge Contest.  The Fatherhood Challenge is awarding cash prizes and a trip to Washington, D.C. to fathers who share what fatherhood means to them with a song, photo, video, or short essay.

The contest voting ended June 10th, but the entries submitted are available to see on their website.  Winners will be announced on Father’s Day at 12:00pm.

I’ve checked out some of the entries, and there are definitely some dad’s worthy of the love they’ll be getting this Father’s Day.

Above and below are videos created to support the campaign.  The videos above and below feature President Obama, D. Wade, and Lecrae.  Enjoy them and show some love and encouragement to the fathers you know.

Happy Father’s Day!

Question:  Will you support the campaign?  Will you help restore Fatherhood in America?  Start by leaving a comment sharing your love and encouragement to your father, your kid’s father, or a father who deserves it.

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  1. Jimmie L. Slade

    I am so thankful that my father, who is now almost 95 years old, is still my key supporter, adviser, and leadership example. I am a 66 year old African American man, father, grandfather, retired US Army colonel, ordained deacon, and leader of a Faith based non profit organization. I respect my father as the human person that most demonstrates for me the value of hard work and acting in a responsible manner. In other words, my father showed me and continues to show me how to be a leader.

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