A Party of One; Enjoy Being Single

BY: - 19 Jul '13 | Single

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by Jay Hurt

As a relationship strategist, I want to touch on something you won’t hear many relationship experts discuss.  Let’s talk about being single.  In many of my articles, I talk about self-improvement and self-evaluation which creates “a better you” that builds “a better relationship.”  My direction here is quite simple…enjoy being single.  I know far too many people who want a relationship, but aren’t happy where they are right now.  There are advantages to being in a relationship and there are advantages to being married.  Single people, there are  quite a few advantages to being a “solo artist” as well, it’s simply a question of whether or not you are choosing to take advantage of them.  Here are some of the options to enjoy while you are enjoying life as a party of one!


Ok, so when you are single, it’s easier to travel in many ways.  It’s definitely less expensive (than planning for two) to take a day trip to a city close by or a weekend getaway to a city of your choosing.  Also, you can explore international destinations at your leisure.  Financially, we want to set realistic goals for what we would like to do, save toward those goals and then go do it.  There is truly no time like the present, so what are you waiting for?  Go enjoy shopping in New York or Parasailing in Hawaii…whatever your heart desires.  Sitting at home thinking about not having a relationship is not getting you closer to your relationship destination and it’s not enjoying life either…go have fun!

I know some singles are concerned about traveling alone.  There are travel groups out there, as well as friends to hook up with.  Ladies, get your girls together and go to South Beach or Vail, Colorado…whatever the destination, get out of the house—out of the city for that matter—and kick it!  Gentlemen, you can get the guys together to check out a NFL game in one of the new incredible stadiums in Phoenix, Dallas or Seattle.  You might want to go to Chicago for their summer festival.  If you like the idea of driving with no speed limit, visit the autobahn in Germany, where you can also see the Porsche, BMW and Mercedes factories.  There are so many things in our country and around the world we can enjoy while we are single, we must simply make the choice to actually do some of these things.


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