Couples Spotlight: Adrian Bell and Brittany Mitchell (Best Proposal Video)

BY: - 1 Jul '13 | Couple's Spotlight

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After watching Adrian’s heartwarming proposal (in the form of miming) to Brittany, we all were immediately enamored by the love these two share. As it should have, the video immediately went viral last week and was appropriately titled “best proposal of 2013”. This young couple made singles and couples everywhere desire that same kind of love. Because the video just wasn’t enough and we wanted to hear more of their story, we went out and got it, just for you. They are both just as wonderful as they seem in the video.  BMWK is honored because Adrian (age 27) and Brittany (age 26) reserved their very first interview for us. If you thought their love looked amazing on video, it’s even more powerful once you hear their remarkable love story. They are absolutely adorable, and just a pleasure to speak with. I don’t doubt their story was designed by God.

BMWK: The BMWK family was so moved by your proposal we just had to learn more about your story. How long have you been together and how did you meet?

Brittany:  We courted for 1 year and dated for 2 years. We have a unique story because we actually went to high school together. Adrian graduated in 2004 and I graduated in 2005. He was in the band and danced and I was class president. We were friends and never thought we would be together (as a couple). Even friends were surprised but then said a relationship between us made sense. After we both graduated, we met back up on MySpace in 2009. Adrian wrote me first, but he had an ex who also found me on MySpace and told me he was married and had all this other stuff going on, so I stepped back.

Adrian: Yeah, she was just crazy.

Brittany: But he reached out to me, because I wasn’t going to say anything else after that. Adrian was damaged and hurt and didn’t want another relationship.  He had a couple of bad relationships. We maintained a friendship and learned each other.


BMWK:  Adrian, how did you know Brittany was the one and that you could trust again?

Adrian: Brittany was the one who got through to my emotions. I was at the drive thru of McDonald’s and I prayed for what I needed in a woman. Brittany took my mind off of everything. It felt natural and right. Because I wanted to stay single as long as possible. I was trying to hold out. But the friendship was so strong. Everyone fell off, but she was the only one still there. I gave in to love. It’s funny because I wrote (back in senior year of high school) on a senior photo to her that we never know what the future holds. It was God.

Brittany: We both have strong foundations in God. I dated other guys who wanted just one thing and Adrian is the one guy who would never pressure me.

BMWK: Adrian, How did you come up with this idea (for the proposal)?

Adrian: I have mimed for 15-20 years (in church and as part of a group, Raar Mime). I wanted to be original. I originally thought about going full mime (suit and face paint) but it didn’t work out. When R. Kelly’s CD Chocolate Factory came out with this song, I knew I would use that song to propose.  I didn’t think it would be all of this response.

Brittany: It was just from the heart.

Adrian: It was just from the heart. God gave me a gift and I had to share my gift.

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33 WordPress comments on “Couples Spotlight: Adrian Bell and Brittany Mitchell (Best Proposal Video)

  1. Bilyne Geffrard

    Your love story is unique. I’m praying that your love story isn’t beautiful only now but until death tear you apart. May your mariage last forever & May God be always the center of this union.

  2. Joi Bell-Demps

    This is my little brother and my sister…not sister in law but god blessed her and I to build a sistership like no other. I have witnessed their lives change and have watched their relationship and love grow and blossom to what you all see today. I am so proud of them and I am overjoyed about this union. I know for a fact that MommaDonna is saying, “It Is Well With My Soul”. I love you both more than you know. Just like you both have supported brother and I, we will always be here for you.

  3. Anonymous

    This a love story that I will never forget. They are truly a beautiful couple and I see them doing well for the Kingdom!!!!!!! I wish them many yeas for bliss.

  4. Angela

    I am a 53 year old mother of 3 grown-ups and a wife. I am literally sitting in Star-bucks wiping tears of joy from face. May God bless you greater than the mind can comprehend .

  5. Juanita Betts

    This is the 2nd best proposal I seen since 2007 with Remember the Ritz. This is why I never gave up on love, and now I know of true love and to know how it feels and to remind me of this feeling from the outside is just beautiful!! Blessings to your union!!

  6. Venetia

    Okay, so like everybody else, I’m in tears. This is such a touching story and it blesses me that it has inspired so many others. I believe all the best for this young couple and with God at the helm I know they’ll have it. God bless.

  7. Michelle

    I was moved to tears at how thoughtful and loving this couple is…I totally love your story!!! Keep God first, keep loving, supporting, and growing w/one another! True examples of young love at its finest.

  8. Red

    God bless you both I been married for over thirty years to my high school sweet heart I am now forty nine and God being the head is the key and after watching you all have made me reflect back on the reason I love my hubs an so.

  9. Roshunda Jackson

    I’m still in awe… you both know that I love you with all my heart. Stay prayerful, keep folks (southern dialect) out’cha bid’nes… and joi demps and myself will handle the negativity. Muah

  10. Dena

    WOW, every time I watch this video I cry and after reading the interview I cried even more learning about Brittany mom passing away 3 years ago. You are a beautiful woman and your groom to be is handsome as well. You two make a beautiful couple. I am a full size woman as well and the self confidence that radiates from this video and your interview is awesome. God gave me my prince charming as well and when you are a full size woman and God sends you your prince charming that accepts you for what is on the inside it is a wonderful feeling. My husband and I will be married 10 years September 2013. We are in our 30’s. So there is love for young people you must be patient and let God do the searching and the finding. I wish you all well and you are off to a wonderful start and that is having God as the foundation you will not and cannot go wrong!!!! Beautiful proposal!!!!!

  11. R. OWENS

    WOW!!! What a beautiful proposal. I was at work, shhh!, when I looked at it. I saw it was about 7min and said…I won’t look at it all just some. BUT…when I start watching I was mesmerized. You two brought a love to, I’m sure, everyone who have watched your video.Prayerfully, you two have inspired many couples to look at their own relationship to see what they came do to bring their love back, if it’s lacking, or just inprove on it. I wish you two all the best in all that the Lord have in store for you. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  12. stephanie dunbar

    I absolutely love this couple. Ive known them for little over a year and the love they have for each other is real. Its not for show. Im glad they are getting married. And can’t wait to witness there union come next September…..muah!!!!!

  13. Stephanie W

    To you guys you are on the right path always keep god first and most definitely keep people out of you relationship and you will have a long lasting marriage. I was 21 when I married my husband and we have been married for 18 years now and I’m still in love with him like I was from that first day we meet. He still give me those little flutters in my stomach on some of the things he does we have a relationship that we both give 100 percent and we love each other so much. I see that for you and Adrian also just keep the faith and trust strong and you will have a long lasting and happy marriage. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

  14. Gale

    Their story is so beautiful. I prayed that GOD will continually bless and enrich their lives. It’s wonderful to see a happy couple. His performance was great as well.

  15. teresa

    This was the best proposal ever, it’s great to see genuine love! I am divorced went through an abusive marriage & you all gave me hope that I will find genuine love again!!! God bless u both, & congratulations! Much love

  16. Suretha Pittman

    Love reading stories like this….. I truly see and believe where my marriage failed and now he and I are now the best of friends right now……. good luck to you guys praying for a strong and successful marriage

  17. Sheronda & Daniel

    Congrats to you both Andrian and Brittany. We wish you guys many, many wonderful years of Marriage! You guys are on the right track. God Bless this Union.

  18. Bessie Watts

    I have always believe that there are still good Men out there! When you trust in God and His will for your life things will always work for those who hold onto Him with thier whole heart. 100% is the only way to go. May God’s Blessing surround you each day of your lives. Be Blessed! Be Blessed!

  19. Gladys Ellington Eugene

    I’m so happy for you guys,each time I watched the video it brought tears from my eyes! It was so nice I want to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding! My prayers are with you guys! I can just watch the video over and over again! You guys have sooo much wisdom! And that is so important!! Me and my husband has been married for 9 years this novemberGod bless you all!

  20. charday dunn

    I wish this beautiful couple the best through out their marriage.just when I watched that video I know true love is out here and what’s for you is meant for you. you guys inspires me to believe in my relationship and keep people out my relationship but Adrian job well done you did a great job proposing like that I had dropped a tear

  21. Estella Savannah

    Wow, this is such an amazing story about the couple and how they met. I just love the both of them and just knowing that they both are young Christians says alot about them. I wish the both of them a life time of pure happiness and may they continue to keep God first and everything else will fall into place.I can’t wait to see the wedding photos. Everytime I read about their story, I shed tears of joy!!!

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