How Building Something With My Spouse Makes Me Feel so Good

BY: - 2 Jul '13 | Marriage

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My husband went to Costco and came back home with a ridiculously large box. I was excited that he wanted to buy a bike because a few summers ago we would take daily family bike rides together. All of our bikes were stolen which put an end to the family bike rides. Once he opened the box, there were only a few recognizable pieces namely the handlebars and the wheels.

“Would you like some water honey?” I asked as I watched him organize the pieces in the piles. I really wanted to get back to the Reality TV show I was watching. After about 15 minutes, he came and asked if I’d hold the handle bars together so that he could screw something in. I happily obliged with the intention of immediately going back to the couch. Hey, some things are meant for four hands instead of two.

After going back to the couch, two minutes later he asked “Hey, do you think I have this right,” walking over and handing me the instruction manual. I looked at it, walked back over to the bike and pointed at the parts that I believed were needed next. At that moment, I realized there wasn’t going to be anymore TV until that bike was ready to roll. My hubby wanted my help. For the next hour, we continued to build the bike, taking things apart that we had put together wrong, laughing aloud when the handle bars had been put on backwards and communicating directives with both of us taking the lead at appropriate times. He practiced patience when my grip would slip after all I have tiny hands.

In many households, when it comes to putting things together and using tools, the burden of responsibility falls on the man.  But I am witness that when you do it together, it strengthens your marriage by making you really appreciate your partner. You have to rely on each other and communicate in a different manner. Not to mention, it makes me feel good every time my husband sits on that bike seat and takes off, because the bike is a symbol of what we can do together.

BMWK – join the conversation…does building or working or planning with your spouse make you feel good? What are some things that you do together…that also bring you closer together as a couple?


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