What Kind of Love Legacy Will You Leave Your Kids?

BY: - 11 Jul '13 | Parenting

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My husband and I were unpacking some boxes after moving into our first home recently, and while doing so  I came across our engagement photos. Our two year old daughter looked at the photos and shouted with pride, “Das my mommy and daddy in dah pikcher!” I realized it was the first time that she’d seen us in a photo before we became her parents.

Hearing her sweet voice say those words sent my memory into overdrive! Thinking about all of the highs, lows, and wonderful things we’ve experienced together over the years brought me to tears, because we’ve been so blessed and very happy.

As I wiped my tears, I stared and smiled widely at my daughter. She represents the highest degree of love my husband and I have for one another. We are her first teachers of what true love means and looks like.

Then I thought to myself, “What kind of love legacy will we leave her?”

I inherited hurt, anger, and bitterness from my divorced-and-on-unfriendly-terms parents. I had to renounce those things and choose love for myself, for God, and for the family He’s given me. Stopping the cycle of broken families and giving my daughter a fresh start has always been important to me (starting with who I chose to marry and be her father).

When we say words like legacy or inheritance, money or heirlooms usually come to mind. But the priceless and intangible things we want to leave for our daughter, will include a legacy of love — made up of these four principles:

Love God.

I understand that it will be her choice to choose Christ as her savior, but we desire to show her with the way we live our lives, that it’s the best decision she’ll ever make.

Love without condition.

When we got married, we made the choice to love each other fully and completely — flaws and all. True love has no, “I love you, but…” It’s all about, “I love you, and…”

Love with respect.

This involves teaching her how to love and respect herself and her body. We teach other people how to treat us, so knowing my worth (and he, his) is so important because it influences the way we respond to one another. This is a crucial example for her to follow on how to treat others with kindness and respect.

Love honestly.

Not being afraid of being vulnerable is what this means to me. That’s the heart of what being in love means; that you expose your true heart and feelings. How we talk to each other, handle disagreements, and simply walk through life together as man and wife will demonstrate to her what loving honestly really means.
It is my hope that by modeling these things and not just saying them, it will leave an impression on her heart that she’ll carry with her long after we’re gone. We may not always get it right, but the effort will certainly be worth it.

 What type of love legacy do you hope to leave your children?

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Amber is a Communication Coach and Consultant that wants to help you learn how to say it right – from the boardroom to the bedroom! Visit her website, www.talktoamber.com, to find fun and insightful information on how to improve your communication skills and overall quality of life.


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Jay-Z Reveals Fatherhood and Marriage Struggles with Latest Release – Magna Carta Holy Grail

BY: - 12 Jul '13 | Parenting

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Jay-Z has done it again with his latest album release.  The businessman, I mean “business, man,” took it to a new level when he released the album Magna Carta Holy Grail, and sold a million copies even before the album’s official release date!  Does everything come easy for this brotha?  Perhaps, but Jay will tell you a different story, especially when it comes to his paranoia of fatherhood, and the challenges he faces in his marriage with Beyonce.

So, despite going from a Hard Knock Life, to platinum selling artist, to successful “business, man,” to entertainment industry mogul, to NBA owner, and the fact he is able to give his daughter practically anything she wants in life, Jay-Z has a “paranoia of not being a great dad.”

In this area Jay-Z is very similar to me, and probably many of the dads reading this post.  We may have a good grip on many things in life, but if we are honest, we all have some anxieties about being a good dad.  And very few of us who are married, can say we got this married thing down, or understand how to make it work all the time.

Truth be told, fatherhood and marriage will humble a man more than anything else in life.

On the album, there is a song which Jay reveals his deep feelings and reflections on fatherhood, his father, and his parent’s marriage.  All of which impact his ability to be a good dad and husband today.  On this track, titled Jay-Z Blue, he shares how he and Beyonce marvel at their daughter, Blue Ivy, but he also reveals he has feelings of inadequacy, and fear.  Here are some of the lyrics below:

“Now I got my own daughter, Taught her how to take her first steps, Cut the cord watch her take her first breath, And I’m trying and I’m lying if I said I wasn’t scared”

I can definitely relate!

“This relationship **** is complicated, All I know is we ain’t speaking everyday, I **** hate it”

Read more about Jay-Z’s thoughts and the album in this article in the The Huffington Post.  And check out the YouTube video above of Jay-Z discussing the song, Jay-Z Blue, and how unprepared he feels for fatherhood and marriage.

BMWK – Do you share Jay-Z’s paranoia of being a good parent, or a a good spouse?

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Jackie Bledsoe, Jr. wrote 62 articles on this blog.

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