10 Tips on Having a Successful “Quickie”

BY: - 23 Aug '13 | Marriage

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We’ve all been through it… Kids everywhere, dishes in the sink, somebody needs a ride, fresh clothes in the basket to be folded, the car needs an oil change AND the phone is ringing.  BUT you look over at your spouse over there looking fine as ever.  Maybe its the way the sun is hitting her hair, or the way he stepped in the door in his work boots.  Anything could trigger it!  All you know is that the heat is on and you want to pounce but what can you do?

The answer:  A “quickie”. Now if you don’t know what a “quickie” is let me say it in other terms:  “nooner”, “6 minutes in paradise”, “afternoon delight”, etc.  Whatever phrase you use, the meaning is the same… its quick sex.  Please don’t scoff.  I am speaking of quick sex between two consenting and married adults.  Quick sex is usually not romantic, sometimes it’s really not that intimate.  It’s more passionate and heated usually, impulsive, hot even.

Oh but what it does for the married relationship is beautiful. It takes you back to when you were first dating (well I can’t speak for ya’ll) maybe even back to when you were younger and more free.  Back to a time before kids, before schedules and before responsibilities.  Its just a few minutes of bliss to get you through.  Its better than any drug.  It’s better than anything.

After all what is hotter than lusting after your own mate? The only problem that you may encounter from “quickie” sex is afterwards when the kids or other folks begin to ask questions.  Like, “Why is your shirt inside out?” or “What happened to your hair?” or “Mommy? Why does daddy have your lipstick all over his mouth?”  Well, have no fear, we have come up with a few ways for you to ensure that your “quickies” are successful and that it does not bring about many questions from your kids or whoever else might be in your vicinity.

Check out 10 Tips on Having a Successful “Quickie” and then let us know if you have any embarrassing “quickie” stories?

The "Bat Signal"

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You know the Bat signal? The skylight that Gotham City uses when they need Batman to come? A mutually agreed upon code. Ok it does not have be quite so dramatic. It can be a nod. A gaze. A cough. Psst. Something that you both know means, let's go.


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16 WordPress comments on “10 Tips on Having a Successful “Quickie”

  1. Barbara

    We love our quickies! One aspect we’re working on is the timing…our shortest quickie is 20 MINUTES! We are having fun trying to knock a few minutes each time, though!!! 🙂

  2. Talon

    I guess we really don’t have quickies like that. I guess we wait till w have time for everyone to get the best “bang” for their buck!..lol…but I do like the signal thing…we just both slowly make it in the bedroom. but we will find a code word or something! thanks!!!

  3. izzy

    Great tips but MUCH harder to pull off when you only have one child and you live in a tiny 2-br apartment!! If we go missing for 10 mins it’s really obvious!

    1. dmaclee

      Set up the dvd player, hit play, have the undergarments off prior to pressing play. Go to another room, get it in before the little one even looks up from Dora the Explorer or Bubble Guppies.

  4. Londee

    LOL… I keep offering my husband some “lunch booty”… but he works in the neighboring city so we don’t get to meet up which sucks! Thanks for the tips and the laugh!!

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Would You Wear a Rubber Wedding Ring?

BY: - 23 Aug '13 | Marriage

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In the past here on BlackandMarriedWithKids.com, and the Facebook page there have been conversations about wedding rings.  The conversations have ranged from upgrading your ring, to the size of your ring, to why wouldn’t you wear your wedding ring!  Wedding rings seem to bring out some deep-hearted discussions with people.

Wedding rings, hard knocks, and football

Recently, HBO kicked off it’s latest season of Hard Knocks.  Hard Knocks is a sports series in which HBO follows an NFL team through preseason training.  This season, they are following the Cincinnati Bengals, and wedding rings were being discussed…in an NFL preseason training camp.  Yes, wedding rings are serious!

The starting quarterback of the Bengals, Andy Dalton, sports a rubber wedding band during practices.  His teammates do what good teammates (and coaches) do, they began to give him a hard time about it.  But Andy still rocks his rubber ring proudly.

He’s not alone in the dilemma he is facing, being married and being in an environment not really conducive for a wedding ring.  Construction workers, surgeons, and equipment operators all face the same challenge.  How do you honor your wife and marriage without risking your wedding ring getting lost, damaged, or destroyed?  Maybe Andy is on to something.

Do you wear your wedding ring everywhere?

I personally enjoy wearing my wedding ring, and don’t leave home without it.  First, I love my wife, our marriage, and think it is pretty cool that someone said “yes” to me.  I have no shame in that.  But I also don’t want to appear available to anybody.

If my work could lead to me losing or damaging my wedding ring, I may have to think twice about it. The rubber wedding ring seems like a cool solution to that problem.

What kind of message is sent?

Not everybody wears their wedding ring everywhere, and its no big deal.  But what kind of message is sent?  The message Andy Dalton is sending by wearing his rubber wedding ring in practice, and giving his teammates one more reason to clown, is pretty strong.  And truth be told some of teammates probably wish they would be as bold.

BMWK – What are your thoughts on wearing wedding rings all the time?  And would you wear a rubber wedding ring?

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Jackie Bledsoe, Jr. wrote 62 articles on this blog.

Jackie is an author, blogger, and speaker who helps men better love their wives and lead their families. He is the creator of The 7 Rings of Marriage™. You can receive his latest BMWK posts in your inbox, plus his latest marriage and parenting posts from around the web by subscribing to his weekly newsletter!


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