5 Ways to Keep Technology from Interfering with Your Marriage

BY: - 19 Aug '13 | Marriage

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by Amy Morin,

We’re living in an age where we have electronic tools that were only dreamed about by past generations. Things we never thought possible have become part of our everyday lives. Within the past 15 years, the technological advances available to us have skyrocketed so fast that most of us can’t keep up.

Many of these new electronic tools and gadgets are supposed to make communication easier. Email, text messaging, and cell phones should make it so we can be in constant contact with anyone we wish. Sounds like it should really improve our communication.

The truth is, electronics seem to be causing problems for a lot of married couples. Instead of helping communication, they seem to be a barrier. Instead of allowing for more time together, they seem to be taking away quality time together for many couples. Instead of making work easier, it seems it encourages many people to take their work home with them.

Having access to the latest technology isn’t a bad thing and it doesn’t have to be bad for your marriage. It is important however, to set some limits with your spouse and to monitor your usage. Taking some proactive steps to address your usage of electronics can be very helpful to your relationship.

BMWK – check out 5 ways to keep technology from interfering with your marriage below.  Has technology been an issue in your relationship?  

Also click here find out more about Amy Morin and her article Don’t Allow Electronics to Interfere with Your Marriage.

Give Your Spouse Quality Attention

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If your spouse tries to say something to you while you are watching television are you guilty of not paying attention? If you are using the computer do you sometimes respond with “yep” or “uh huh” but have no idea what your spouse just said to you? Do you send text messages while riding in the car together, during dinner, or while you are on a date together? These are just a few examples of ways in which technology can interfere with a couple’s quality time. It is important to set aside technology each day and make time for each other. And when you are spending time together, make sure you can really be present with your spouse and not checking your email or answering text messages.


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Three Surprising People Men May Have to Protect Their Wives From

BY: - 20 Aug '13 | Marriage

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The definition of PROTECT is: to cover or shield from exposure, injury, damage, or destruction.  So many times as men we are told that our role is to protect our wives and family by any means. Although we may think that this duty comes naturally because of our testosterone or alpha male status, the truth is that many of us have confused protecting with how “hard” or tough we can be. I think that in the midst of being tough we forget that protection can come in many forms. Here are 3 things you may not be protecting your wife from and you don’t even know it!

1) Your family, especially your Mother

The truth is that sometimes Mother-In-Laws and Daughter-in-laws are in a subconscious battle. Mom is battling for her son and the wife is battling for her husband. Mom thinks that the wife will never add up to her (cooking, parenting, planning…) and the wife feels like she always has to prove something to Mom. These situations can become toxic and sometimes mom can become really disrespectful towards the wife. This is where you must throw yourself into an uncomfortable situation. No son really wants to ever have to “check” his mother, but the truth is that the minute you became a husband you signed up to protect your wife from any disrespect and that even includes disrespect from your own family. You don’t have to be disrespectful or reckless when protecting her, but your wife wants to know that she is the priority and you will uphold and protect her physical and emotional well being. Now if your wife is wrong you must make that clear as well, but the mamas boy tendencies have to go out the window!

2) Your children

In many families you see children who will run all over mom, but they are scared as heck of Dad. They will say disrespectful things, catch attitudes, and show no appreciation. This is where you come in! You must protect your wife from any disrespect from your children. The same way you wouldn’t allow someone on the streets to speak to her disrespectfully should be upheld in your household! Your children should know “this is my wife and if you disrespect her then you are going to have to answer to me!” The best example a father can set for his children is how he treats their mother and in how he allows his wife to be treated.

3) Herself

Sometimes your wife will be her own worst enemy. She will criticize her appearance, her cooking, how she is pleasing you, and other things. This is where you come in! She may not say it verbally, but sometimes she just needs you to reaffirm her and tell her how great of a wife, mother and woman she is. You need to love her unconditionally and this will inevitably help you protect her from herself because she will feel safe and secure within the relationship and with who she is and what she brings to your family and the world.

Sometimes protecting your woman isn’t defined by how many people you can beat up, scare, or intimidate! Sometimes protecting her comes in the form of making her feel secure in the fact that you have her back over anyone else’s and that you love her with all you have!

BMWK – Get involved in the conversation: What do you think men should do to protect their wives?

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