7 Habits of a Faithful Marriage

BY: - 27 Aug '13 | Marriage

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One of our readers recently asked us to address the topic of faithfulness.  I jumped at the opportunity to write the article.  I went to Google to get some other perspectives before writing, and what I found wasn’t all that great.

It was easier to get information on unfaithfulness and infidelity, than information on faithfulness and fidelity.  The fact that the negative info online outweighs the positive info was discouraging.  Maybe this reader felt the same way, and needed some encouragement.  There are so many opposing forces against our marriages.  If you aren’t careful your habits can be dictated by this.  It’s a tough fight, but your marriage is worth it.

The things you do day in and day out will set you up for success or failure in your marriage.  Your marital habits can lead you to infidelity, or a faithful marriage.  I’ve seen both, and I’ve noticed some habits that separate them.  If you want to make sure you have a faithful marriage, I encourage you to practice the 7 habits of a faithful marriage.

BMWK – Click through the 7 habits and share your thoughts.  Do you think these habits will help your marriage remain faithful?  What else would you suggest?

1. Be faithful in the small things.

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You practice being faithful, and you must do so in every aspect of your marriage.  The way you handle money.  Showing up or preparing dinner on time. Going to work daily.  Dating regularly.  Cleaning the house.  All these things build up your ability to be faithful, as well as your spouse's trust.


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