Singles: 5 Things That Separate A Potential Spouse From A “Dateable”

BY: - 12 Aug '13 | Single

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I just love the Happily Ever After FB Fan Page. The comments are always thoughtful and lead to a great dialogue. A recent comment inspired me to write this piece.  One of the readers, Tammy, talked about the confidence of a wife featured in one of our couple’s spotlight. She stated that the presence or absence of confidence is exactly what separates a potential spouse from someone who is just a “dateable.”  Now I haven’t heard many use the term “dateable” to describe a single person, so I thought that line alone was worthy of exploring further.

With so many in a search to find that perfect mate, it’s important to discuss the signs, the do’s and don’ts and what helps a person standout as a potential spouse. Thus the following list was created. For all my beautiful singles, the things that separate a spouse from a dateable are listed below:


Confidence definitely resides at the top of any list discussing how to attract a potential mate. Other people are drawn to the way we carry ourselves. When you feel good about who you are and what you bring, they see you.


What you’re willing to do definitely sets you apart. The relationships that don’t stand the test of time are usually those where either one or both partners are, simply put, SELFISH. People don’t want to build long-term relationships with someone who only thinks about their own needs and desires. We have to be willing to give, share and think of that other person often.!


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  • Ericka

    Tiya, you hit it right on the head! :)

    • Tiya

      Thanks Ericka!!

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    Everyone ought to have a coach.