Take this 30 Day Marriage Challenge and Watch Your Bond Grow Stronger

BY: - 2 Aug '13 | Marriage

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I recently saw a marriage challenge online and it looked awesome. Of course, I decide to create one for my marriage and with YOU in mind. It’s essentially effortless and guaranteed to have a wonderful effect on your marriage. Whether you are going through a rough spot, in need of a marital tune up or just want to keep your special bond going strong, here is a simple, but effective tool. What are you waiting for? Take the 30 Day Marriage Challenge:

(Warning: At the end of the 30 days, you will become closer to your spouse and all love, honor and respect for your mate will begin to resurface)


Day 1. Tell your spouse you’re glad you married them.

Day 2. Text your spouse and say, “I’m thinking of you.”

Day 3. Don’t leave each other without a hug and/or kiss.

Day 4. Pray together.

Day 5. Tell your spouse that you appreciate all they do for the family.

Day 6. Focus on being KIND.

Day 7. Ask your spouse if they need help with anything (housework, decisions, etc.)


Day 8. Praise your spouse in front of them.

Day 9. Take a (sweet/silly) picture together.

Day 10. Do something seductive.

Day 11. Hold hands.

Day 12. Focus on being PATIENT.

Day 13. Write your spouse a love letter. (No time? Try a simple love note on a Post-it)

Day 14. Plan something together: Date night, vacation, etc.

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5 WordPress comments on “Take this 30 Day Marriage Challenge and Watch Your Bond Grow Stronger

  1. JP-founder of The Relationship Chronicles

    I absolutely LOVE this challenge. Infact, I have announced it to all of my followers encouraging them to join me tomorrow for day 1. I’ll be reporting our progress in 30. Feel free to join us for each daily challenge. FB: The Relationship Chronicles (www.therelationshipchronicles.com) Kudos to you Sheree-the inspiration for this challenge.

  2. Anonymous

    I really want to do this but I don’t think my husband will participate. We’ve haven’t been intimate in awhile and I just don’t think he loves me any more. It’s in his eyes. Have fun and good luck to the rest of you though.

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