The Three C’s – 3 Simple Rules for a Happy Marriage

BY: - 28 Aug '13 | Communication

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3 Simple Rules

Have you ever felt like your marriage was one of the hardest things you’ve ever done? I’m sure that every married couple will agree that it takes work. But sometimes it really doesn’t have to be that hard. Being kind, being supportive and being more than just there, but being “present”. If you remember these three simple rules, it won’t feel so much like work. Here are the three C’s – the answer to a happy marriage:

Be Consistent: Ladies, did you win him over by cooking his favorite meals and then you STOPPED? Fellas, did you buy her gifts and flowers and chocolates during the courtship, then STOP? Come one, that is not the way to go! You have to be consistent throughout your marriage. Buying a single long stem rose every now and then or planning date night from beginning to end makes it feel fun and gives you sense of togetherness. If you started something, then please continue.

Be Clear: Your husband is not a mind-reader. Just because you’ve been together for 10 years, does not mean that he knows what you’re thinking, nor does he always know your intentions. If you need help…Say it (kindly). If you need some alone time…Ask for it! Your honey cannot satisfy your needs if they don’t know what you want. Grant them the courtesy of straightforwardness. It saves a lot of stress, avoids a lot of arguments and cuts down on confusion.

Be Courteous: Sound simple right? Do you extend the same courtesies with your spouse that you do to your co-workers? Your neighbors? Even strangers? Being kind to your spouse even when you’re steaming HOT, shows love. In your vows, you promised to love, honor, and respect, right? Well, do it. A happy attitude is often times contagious. This is exactly what needs to be the norm for a healthy, happy marriage.

Communication (that could actually be a fourth C) is major! Talking is only ONE way to communicate but touching, hugging, kissing, flirting, and doing the little things that make them happy are all ways to say, “I love you.” Remember the C’s and the rest will come together.

BMWK – what are more simple things that make your marriage work?

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